1. HelenSnowball

    Cadbury' Halal All these products are Halal. I love Cadburys, but don't like to think of any animals suffering, especially as it's for religious purposes, I feel a bit like its forced on me. A lot of people are gluten intolerant, will all products...
  2. A

    cadbury chocolate

    Is it only me but their choc doesnt taste like cadburys since it was taken over by Kraft. I had a Flake today and it was solid, and as I first said it didnt taste the same. I wont be buying cadburys again will probable try roundtrees, was very disapointed, very sad that such a great company has...
  3. GnD

    Cadbury Factory To Close Against Kraft Reassurances

    Cadbury Somerdale manufacturing facility in Keynshamwill close in 2011. Whilst I'm not surprised (like many I didn't want Cadbury to sell to Kraft), expected the chocolate taste to change eventually, but I am shocked how quickly change is occurring. The Associated Press: Kraft to close 1...
  4. ceemac

    Cadbury Finally Succumbs

    The iconic British chocolate manufacturer Cadbury fell last night to an £11.7 billion takeover by the US food conglomerate Kraft. Here C
  5. Andy

    Cadbury's Chocolate Scare

    News just in 1 million bars of chocolate have been taken off the shelves in the UK as there is a fear they may contain SAMLONELLA. :w00t: People who eat them will get flu symptoms and a Puckering bottom as pointed out by our Bryan. :lol: And NO Pennie it's nothing to do with FISH ? :lol:
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