1. shirleyanntr

    Wikileaks about to hit the fan

    A lot of folks will be sitting on their hands today to stop them biting their fingers off as Wikileaks blows the whistle. Turkey, US await a whack from WikiLeaks - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  2. S

    Power cables in Bodrum

    HI, I have bought a new villa in Yalikavak and there is a wooden post carrying a power cable right in front of my villa, see attached photo. When I asked the agent about this I was told that the cable would be relayed underground. The villa was just about complete around Christmas but I could...
  3. merlin

    Electric cables used for hotel broadband....

    A UK company is looking to use existing electrical cables to deliver broadband services to public areas such as hotels. Unlike powerline technologies that compete with DSL by delivering broadband over electricity cables to homes and business, the Cibersuite service needs a broadband connection...
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