1. saffie

    New Easy Jet cabin baggage restrictions

    Better pack light! easyJet squashes maximum cabin baggage size by more than a third | Mail Online Now only 50x40x20 will be allowed from 2 July saffie
  2. Z

    atlasjet cabin baggage query

    Hi can anyone help...I am travelling with Atlasjet from Ist/Bod and I'm just trying to workout if I can take my laptop in my hand/cabin baggage, one of the images/signs looks like no laptops in hand luggage, cant seem to get a response from Atlasjet. zip
  3. Peaceplant

    Cabin baggage Aegean Flights/Onur

    We are flying from Humberside to Bodrum with Aegean and I just wondered if anyone has any info on hand luggage. What I specifically want to know is are they strict about the bag dimensions? My bag is 50cm long but they state 45cm - do they enforce this strictly? I have flown numerous times and...
  4. G

    Thomas Cook Cabin Baggage

    Has anyone else experienced difficulty in purchasing a case that complies with the maximum size permitted by Thomas Cook? They allow a maximum size of 43cm(17 inches) x 28cm( 11 inches) x 23cm(9 inches). I have been looking today and the smallest size cases have been 45cm wide( 17 and 3 quarter...
  5. Spike

    Transporting pets in cabin

    Hi Maggie, Couldn’t get a PM to you, so posted here as it may be useful for others also. We had no problems bringing our cat in the cabin of the plane with us. We used Romanian Airlines Tarom (one domestic flight and the international leg to Istanbul) and Turkish Airlines THY (Istanbul...
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