1. V

    New property valuations for foreign buyers

    Saw this article on Antalya A circular published by the TKGM (Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre) on the 15th of February has announced that from the 4th of March 2019, foreign property buyers in Turkey will need a real estate appraisal report citing the value...
  2. C

    1st time buyers in Altinkum

    Hi everyone, fell in love with ALTINKUM, and want to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment, need all the info I can get, also anyone know a reputable firm to go with?
  3. suzyq

    Turkish citizenship

    Citizenship For Property Buyers Sorry, I know this was discussed earlier but can't find the thread now. Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci has revived an idea to grant citizenship to foreigners who buy a certain amount of property in the country. “The amount of property bought [by...
  4. suzyq

    New property buyers face changes

    From January 9th new property buyers in Didim and possibly other areas, will need to have a temporary RP before they can apply for title deeds. New property buyers face key change
  5. juco

    Get some decent buyers to negotiate. NHS

    BBC.... Its about time we had some people that know how to negotiate and get the price paid for these drugs reduced, it is well known that the mark up for drug companies in many cases is 1000%. Does the government never question what and why they pay so much. There is so much corruption within...
  6. juco

    eBay...foolish buyers!

    What are people thinking these days.. eBay I put a user manual on for auction. The first 2 words in the item title are `user manual` The image of the item has `user manual` sprawled across it. Within the description it states `user manual` twice. It also states it is a photocopy. It states...
  7. juco

    eBay buyers are a pain.

    Well some are. I sold a manufacturers instruction manual for an electrical item. I get negative feedback which stated ..."it sometimes works" WHAT! did he mean his reading ability sometimes works or what! You read a manual so how can it sometimes work? Hopefully they will reverse their feedback.
  8. altinkumforum

    Gold buyers exhibition announce

    Hi All, just wanted to announce an evet for next sunday the 30th. There is gold buyers exhibition at didim jewellery in Altinkum beach front. just below pegasus bar and near nigel's restaurant. If you have scrap, unused or unwanted gold jewelleries, you can bring them and turn into cash or pick...
  9. N

    Temporary ban on all foreign buyers?

    I just heard from a friend that NO foreign person can purchase any property at this moment in time? Apparently it has been like this since around may, while they are trying to make thing easier they have stopped all foreigners from being allowed to buy until they have finished their changes to...
  10. B

    i will pay buyers premium for the person buying my apartment

    Hi...I have created a couple of other threads...but I feel i havent made myself too clear..... I own a 2 bedroom apartment in the centre of Marmaris,with open plan american style kitchen,fitted with full granite work surfaces.The terrace overlooks private garden and swimming pool..under the pool...
  11. Tommie

    New EU scheme to ensure property buyers' safety

    A pilot scheme currently being trialled in the Netherlands and Spain will see buyers able to apply their own country's laws to property purchases abroad, ensuring their legal safety in the event of developer fraud. More Can you see Turkey agreeing to this? Will this solve all our property...
  12. K

    Looking for Expat Home Buyers

    Hi everyone, I'm a casting producer for a popular American real estate program. Our show follows expats as they look for a new home and new life abroad. We're looking to film in Turkey and are very excited about showing off the scenery and culture of this beautiful country. Below I've posted...
  13. altinkum kev

    There are buyers out there..

    I had no less than 16 viewers in 3 days for an apartment, 15 of which were Turkish and the last one British,hope you will be happy in your new home thank you.
  14. G

    Red tape hits foreign buyers...

    Interesting article in todays Huriet daily ne ws (english edition) Red tape hits Turkish property sales to foreigners - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Might be worth all of us posting a constructive comment! Probably won't change anything, but may prolong story & raise it's importance.
  15. S

    Buyers may be wasting money on diesel cars

    Having sold our car ready for our return to the UK, we have been looking at the current costs and the comparisons between buying petrol and diesel for when we return. I have always been aware that although diesels obviously offer more mpg, the initial purchase outlay, whether it be new or used...
  16. L

    Warning to buyers of basement apartments....

    Hope this might help potential buyers.......... Found out today (through the council) that anyone buying a 'basement' apartment will not get a habitation certificate - unless it has a floor above it, included in the same apartment (i.e., a stairway from basement to upper floor for the same...
  17. R

    Info for buyers

    Amsterdam to Istanbul then to Bodrum to see if I can find my dream home under the sun to have perfect balance; spend half a year in Turkey and other half in Holland. I think I have done my research; I have started 9 months ago by talking to agents, family members, people who live in Turkey and...
  18. newhorizon

    Antalya Property prices and foreign Buyers

    Antalya was the first place I visited in Turkey and I absolutely loved the colour of the turquoise blueish green sea. I ended up buying in Altinkum on a whim and on first impressions didn't find it as beautiful as Antalya, but the property prices seemed more competitive! It's obviously grown...
  19. B

    Curbanoglu buyers which lawyer to use?

    Hi, Can anyone who has purchased with Curbanoglu let us know which lawyer they used as we feel it could be helpful, if we can use someone who is used to reading through their contracts, if we decide to purchase. Many thanks, Sally
  20. Mushtaq

    Turkey to enter new era for foreign buyers

    ISTANBUL - A London-based property Web site announces the Turkish Government has realized that measures must be taken to relax property laws in order to attract much needed foreign money into the country’s property market., which is a property Web site founded in 1999 as an...
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