1. Camden

    Butterfly Valley

    Butterfly Valley has lost its 1995 Natural site status the classification was reduced from 1st which closed construction of many types of building ...to 2nd or 3rd allowing construction ... This after the controversial decisions taken towards the Kaz Mountains and Salda Lake. Chamber of...
  2. yalimart


    I've been commanded to find out the name of this butterfly and it isn't Malcolm. Martin
  3. S

    accommodation in butterfly valley

    Hi can anyone let me know if there is still accommodation in butterfly valley albeit a bit basic i hear you say. the web sites for it are fine but if you try to contact anyone you cant phone numbers stated dont reply all imfo on sites is old has it become the next ghost village if anone can...
  4. abba

    Butterfly Valley Fethiye

    Has anyone visited Butterfly Valley recently. I tried a search but all threads seem to be several years old. How is the accommodation for overnight stays and food availability. Also is the boat the best way to gain access. Thank you all for your anticipated contributions.
  5. kale

    Pink butterfly

    Arrian was watching a programme on tv thinking of you with your pink butterfly .this was a moth bright pink with pale pink wings . It was a hawk moth just wondering if this is what your butterfly was . ( sorry no photo ) perhaps you could google it Cheers Yvonne kale x
  6. arrian

    Pink Butterfly

    i had two very small butterflies in my garden today. they were about 1" from top to bottom, and about 1 1/2 to 2" across. and i've never seen anything like these before. they were a deep rose pink , with black edgings to their wings, with no other markings that i could see. i've tried different...
  7. lilacdiana

    Butterfly Valley

    We are coming out to Ovacik late July/early August for our second visit as we liked it so much last year!!! We some trips last time but did not go to the Butterfly Valley. Doing some research I am not sure to go for the day (i believe a water taxi goes daily) or as part of a boat trip?? Has...
  8. shirleyanntr

    the blue butterfly

    ive just watched this film about a terminally ill boy who has a dream to go and find a rare blue butterfly i was so taken by the film i wanted to find more about how it had been inspired and found that its based on a true story of a lad who had a brain tumour and who indeed did go in search of...
  9. R

    Butterfly Valley or Cleopatras Island?

    Our family are coming out to visit this year and we want to take them somewhere nice. We was thinking of either the Butterfly Valley near Oludeniz or Cleopatras Island near Marmaris - (we know they are both very different) Who has been to either/both of these places and could help us make our...
  10. CrescentHomes

    Butterfly Valley

    Almost indescribably beautiful, this tiny turquoise bay near Oludeniz is home to waterfalls and several species of butterflies, including the nocturnal orange and black Jersey Tiger Buttefly. After the daytrippers leave, an inviolable silence settles over Butterfly Valley, with only the rolling...
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