1. bobthenob

    Butterflies in Turkey

    l love this time of year,because of the wealth of insect activity taking place.Over the pass week l have counted no more 12 different species of Butterflies.Ranging from very small,like the fritillaries to the swallowtail. Just this morning walking through a meadow,l saw a Adonis dark blue...
  2. ceemac

    Dangerous Butterflies

    Could a butterfly flapping it's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? Not sure about that but this one certainly wreaked havoc... YouTube - HOW A BUTTERFLY DESTROYED MY NEIGHBORS ROOF C
  3. merlin

    Butterflies of Cappadocia....

    Small oases of green vegetation scattered along the otherwise inhospitable valleys provide sustenance not only for human beings but for a wide diversity of wildlife, including birds, insects and reptiles. In the first warm days of April butterflies and moths of a myriad colours and designs...
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