1. arrian

    Butter Pies

    the thread on whether to put salt or vinegar on chips first has reminded me of another food that is sold by Greenhalghs' bakery,Butter Pies i tried them only the once, and one mouthful was enough! i'm not sure what exactly they consist of, if other bakeries sell them, or if they are just a local...
  2. mollag

    Sad butter

    That sums me up at the mo, its cold, its raining its mid day and its like twilight, anyhoo being fed up for some queer notion i remembered that as a half nipper we had t shirts but they were called sloppy joes, so i thought i would look it up on tinternet, seems the biggest hits are for a...
  3. altinkum kev

    Real Butter

    For those of you who bring your own butter over because you dont like Turkish ,they now sell Lurpak salted and unsalted in Migros & Tansas. Me personally i like the Turkish .
  4. arrian

    Shea Butter

    my GP has recommended Shea Butter for the very dry skin i'm getting as the creams from the hospital aren't helping. I've ordered a tub from Amazon at £17 99 and hope it's worth it. it has lots of recommendations for lots of different conditions including eczema, stretch marks, and even wrinkles...
  5. newhorizon

    Butter Chicken

    As promised on another thread here is the recipe for Butter Chicken. Incase you've not heard much about this dish Butter Chicken is a very popular chicken dish in restaurants in India. it is also found in restaurants worldwide but the best I've tasted it is in India served with freshly baked...
  6. Briand


    I was just wandering anybody know of a good Turkish butter that taste similar to UK:28: Briand.
  7. ceemac

    'Butter Should Be Banned'

    Butter should be banned in a bid to save thousands of lives, a leading heart surgeon has claimed. Shyam Kolvekar, of the University College London Hospital, is leading a campaign to reduce saturated fat in diets after treating patients as young as 33 for heart bypass operations. Here C
  8. A


    Can somebody tell me what I look for when buying butter? I always land up with margarine,ok but can't beat the real thing..
  9. G

    Butter Chicken

    2lbs Chicken breast 1 tsp salt 1 inch root ginger 4-6 cloves garlic 5ozs thick yogurt juice 1 lemon grind the following 5 ingredients in a coffee grinder/pestle & mortar 2 inch cinnamom stick 8 green caramoms 6 whole cloves 8-10 red chillies 6-8 white peppercorns 2 tbsps cooking oil 2 -"-...
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