1. D

    Debenham's Bust.

    Debenham's has gone into Receivership. 142 Stores and involving 22,000 workers. Sad, very sad.
  2. kemerkid

    Izmir or bust.

    Today my wife and I drove up to Izmir. We passed the Bafa lake it was flat as a pancake/millpond. The windmills overlooking Didim were motionless, not a breath of wind. The roads were very quiet and we had a half hour nosebag in Soke. All in all a very enjoyable experience...... until we headed...
  3. E

    Turkey building bust?

    Disney castle city sits deserted due to Turkey building bust
  4. bickern

    lowcostholidays.com gone bust.

    Hope none of our members had booked through them. Tens of thousands of Brits had their holiday plans thrown into chaos last night after the collapse of an online travel firm “as a result of Brexit’’. Overseas-based Lowcosttravelgroup, which trades on the internet as lowcostholidays.com, went...
  5. A

    Aberdeen Drugs Bust

    Turkish sailors remanded in custody over alleged drug trafficking offences | Aberdeen & North | News
  6. B

    Back To The Cypriot £ As Cyprus Airways Goes Bust

    9 January 2015 Last updated at 18:11 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page ShareFacebookTwitter.Cyprus Airways shuts down after order to repay state aid Continue reading the main story Related Stories Cyprus profile Ryanair to bid for Cyprus Airways Cyprus' national carrier has ceased...
  7. C

    Russian travel agencies go bust

    Over 13 major Russian or Ukraine travel agencies have gone out of business in the last 2 months, reputedly costing the Greek tourist industry 300 million. I was wondering if this had any effect on the Turkish tourist industry? Many of the hotels catering for large numbers of Russians...
  8. christella

    will the banks go bust

    taken from our sister forum AA Your Money is covered by the Turkish savings deposit insurance fund unless its either a business or offshore Account . See below extract from a Turkish Financial Times :lol: Ann Does Turkey have a deposit protection scheme like the UK? Yes it does. It’s called...
  9. C

    Airport transfers company bust?

    Just heard that holiday taxis,,booked through yesil dalyan travel,,are no longer trading,,after numerous phone calls people have been advised that another company by the name of united blue have taken over the transfers,,however it seems like this company cannot cope with the extra demand and...
  10. tykatem

    Going bust in 2012

    It seems that this year will see a lot of household names going to the wall. Already this year we have had the likes of:- La Senza Barrett's Shoes Blacks/Millets Sea France HMV - Looking very shaky So who will be next? Personally I think:- Jessops Thomas Cook Pete
  11. altinkum kev

    Police bust on fakes

    Sounds as if it would have been fun to watch,but what are all the hoilday makers going to buy now. Link should translate. MAV? D?D?M
  12. C

    tour operators going bust

    according to the sunday express at least 20 tour operators are expected to go bust within the next 6 months. last year in the same period 14 companies went out of business. i wonder how much the risk of losing your holiday puts people off booking thier week in the sun, affecting the numbers in...
  13. N

    Aegean Flights/Holidays4UK have gone bust

    Hi, Has anyone managed to book any 2012 flights with Aegean Flights since they went on sale yesterday. I know there is a problem with their website at the moment but it seems everytime I manage to get a price it increases. I think they are going to lose many customers as a result of this years...
  14. P

    Rangers could go bust.

    BBC Sport - Rangers chairman admits club could go out of business
  15. Mushtaq

    Bust Scots businessman 'vanishes' amid £1m holiday homes probe

    A BOSS who fled Scotland when his nightclub went bust is at the centre of a probe into almost £1million of missing money. It's claimed Nigel Andrews took huge deposits from 20 buyers for flats at two luxury resorts in Turkey totalling around a million euros. Work has not started at either...
  16. S

    KTHY/atlasjet issues Help Thread

    Sad news for people that travel with KTHY.... They have had to ground all flights via England - Turkey - Cyprus as CTA airlines have gone bust. Debts were growing and growing untill this morrning where they had to stop. This has left alot of people in Northen Cyprus stranded and also...
  17. A89

    airline going bust?

    Does anyone know anything about one of the british airlines that currently flies to Antalya going bust? Friends is Alanya have told me there is a strong rumour going round there. Hope its not Thomas Cook, they are the only charter airline that flies regularly from ' Up North' !!:becky:
  18. KKOB

    Another Travel Company Goes Bust

    Christmas chaos as travel group goes bust - Yahoo! News UK
  19. S

    Globespan goes bust

    This airline went down the tubes today I think they did some Turkish flights from Scotland BBC News - Scotland's biggest airline goes bust
  20. D

    Tour operator K&S Travel goes bust

    Just lifted this from Yahoo "A second British tour operator has gone bust days after the collapse of XL Leisure sent the travel industry into turmoil, the aviation regulator confirmed. (Advertisement) The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said K&S Travel informed them it had ceased trading on...
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