1. teosgirl

    HDP offices and Kurdish businesses attacked throughout Turkey

    HDP offices violently attacked in several anti-terrorism protests - LOCAL Alanya is mentioned. From the pictures I've seen, especially Balikesir and Kirsehir, things have become pretty violent. Charlotte
  2. Yalides

    Disappearing businesses

    Has anyone noticed the demise of the Internet cafe ? Used to have loads of them in our area so I am told and now they have all but gone. Everyone so rich they have Ipads and I phones and the like these days ?
  3. Gazarra

    Small Businesses in Yalikavak

    First day back after a really wonderful time in Yalikavak. This time I decided to do something different from previously and rather than dash off to Kipa or Metros every two days I supported the small local businesses and what a delight that was. My wife and I walked every morning to Geris--- a...
  4. D

    Uk Businesses Buying Property

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if a UK business can buy a property in Turkey. If so how do they go about it ??? All Aspects Property Support Services
  5. merlin

    Foreign Investment and New Businesses....

    This article although somewhat boring in topic makes truly interesting and suprising reading.... Foreign direct investment regime of Turkey is mainly formulated by the Law No. 6224 of 1954 Concerning the Encouragement of Foreign Capital, which is based on the principle of equal treatment for...
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