1. Freedom 49

    Business closures in Side.

    From as midnight of last night, all restaurants in and around Side have had to close due to the spreading Coronavirus. 47 people in Turkey now shown positive to the test. My heart goes out to all owners of restaurants, bars, Turkish tea houses, discos, dancehalls etc that have to serve this...
  2. A

    Business Registration and KDV tax

    Hi All, Sorry if I can't find the thread but as a villa owner in Kalkan we are worried sick about this new law re registering as a business and having to pay 18% of our meagre rental income to the government. Has anyone anything to say on this? Our manager is being non-committal and from what...
  3. S

    Business as usual

    Obama, Trump, Bush-matters not. Slaughter innocents then describe it callously as- " a successful operation in all standards" Yemen al-Qaeda: US says raid was 'very thought-out process' - BBC News
  4. Jaycey

    Tata Steel to sell off entire British business

    Tata Steel to sell off entire British business Tata Steel is set to pull out of all its UK operations, including Port Talbot, in a move that could put thousands of jobs at risk. The company announced late on Tuesday night that its board had rejected an “unaffordable” turnaround plan for Port...
  5. Jaycey

    Business Opportunity!

    Yet another fabulous franchise opportunity from Jaycey Inc Braai & beer cooler combo.. Franchises now available in most areas – apply now to avoid disappointment!
  6. Spurs

    Business as usual?

    I thought relations between the US & Iran had improved in 2015. Shaking hands, smiles & what we were told, "a good result for all & a way forward". seems to me that its going back to square one. We all know what Iran is about but after seeing what gone on it the ME, does Iran possibly think that...
  7. K

    How to get started in the Import/Export Business in Turkey

    I am a young Turkish-American born and raised in the US who really would love to move to Turkey. Does anyone know what kind of products that are made in Turkey that can be bought at local bazaars which can be shipped and sold to the USA for large profits. Will I be able to earn a profit from...
  8. dearsley

    Doing Business With China

    A bit of a long shot.....but has anyone in here any contacts with Turkish companies doing business with China? I work sometimes for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and they have asked me to check opinions about a strategy called One Belt One Road, designed to improve Sino-Turkish trade...
  9. TurkInDenmark

    Opening a business in Turkey, formalities?

    I'm about to open a webshop selling stuff from Turkey in Denmark. Yesterday I gladly found out, that I have been a Turkish citizen since my birth, without knowing it. This means I can legally open a shop in Turkey, and I'm considering doing that, as my shop will run from Turkey, and I possibly...
  10. B

    Bringing a German Fashion label to turkey

    Hi there, I am new here to this forum and was wondering if I could get some helpful tips regarding bringing a new Germany based Shoe Fashion label to turkey. little Info regarding my experience in Turkey so far.. I moved to Istanbul 3 years ago and was working up until a few month ago as a...
  11. Jaycey

    Small business/big business or the dole?

    A comment on the ‘£2 per day’ thread prompted a few thoughts and rather than take that thread off topic I’m starting a new one. I’m surprised that people would need to be ‘pushed/forced’ into becoming self employed - I had assumed that everybody had a dream of being their own boss. In 50 years...
  12. F

    Good business lawyer in Bodrum?

    Hi, can anyone please recommend a good honest Lawyer in Bodrum specialising in Company law. I have serious problems re a company I set up to buy land & need urgent advice ASAP. Would really appreciate any help at all. Thanks a lot :)
  13. A

    Accountancy Advice

    Hello, My wife and I run a travel business from the UK but now live in Turkey and were hoping that we might be able to get some accountancy advice from anyone living here still practicing or perhaps retired in the Fethiye/Kalkan/Kas region? We are not looking for a Turkish accountant, any help...
  14. Dreamy

    Run an Internet Business from Turkey without working permission?

    I wonder, can foreigners open internet stores, or do you need a working permission first?
  15. Sunny Seasider

    Is Britain back in Business?

    Programme tonight 7.30 on ITV. Debating the banks etc; who moved some of their business processes off shore for e.g. telephone systems for some of the big banks. Santander has moved their system back into the UK, realising that this will provide employment here in the UK. HELLO! woken up at...
  16. Mushtaq

    TLF shop is open for business

    The long awaited TLF shop has been relaunched finally. The link can be found on the left and top menus. It's very new and I'm trying to find my way around it too, but the facilites offered are pretty good, the shop can be used for members to list their own items for sale. Please try it out...
  17. Jaycey

    Please support our new business (2)

    Following on from the success of our tattoo removal business - thanks to overwhelming support from TLFers - we’ve started a new venture … DIY bathroom installations. Franchises available now – hurry to avoid disappointment :21:
  18. shirleyanntr

    are the PKK back in business

    two soldiers werei killed last friday and on Sunday 4 soldiers were taken hostages by the PKK. Ocalan is becoming increasingly vocal and has said that Turkey has a second country within. Erdoğan seems to have shot himself in the foot with his excuse of a democratization package which was...
  19. Jaycey

    Please support our new business!

    Please support our new business! Tattoo removal using latest hi-tech equipment. Success guaranteed - PM for appointment. Franchises available. > > > > >
  20. J

    Monies sent but kept by Turkish Business Partner

    Malcolm merwin t/a top overseas properties arrested alleged fraudulent misrepesentation and theft oldham police crime ref.136841a/13. Iam also in the process of bankrupting him insolvency no.02i3 of 2013 in the oldham county court.
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