1. Jaycey

    Rip George Bush

    George Bush, 41st US president, dies at 94 https://www.kyivpost.com/world/new-york-times-george-bush-41st-u-s-president-dies-at-94.html Others have said it better than I can… Ken Olin‏Verified account @kenolin... I’m a lifelong Democrat. From JFK to Obama we were the good guys and...
  2. B

    Kate Bush Comeback.

    BBC News - Kate Bush: Before The Dawn ? a first look It seems as though the comeback tour by Kate Bush was a success. I must admit I was always a fan of hers. Bill.
  3. bickern

    7 Quotes From Bush, Blair And Co On How Invading Iraq Would Help Us

    Why, oh why can't they be brought before a war tribunal? No need to answer I am just typing aloud. 7 Quotes From Bush, Blair And Co On How Invading Iraq Would Help Us.. Beat Al Qaeda

    Bush Crickets

    Every year at this time we get a hatch of Bush Crickets, large,fat crickets about 2" long.Walking on the hill behind Karabag it is not possible to walk without crushing 5 or 6 with every step. They are all over the patio and plants, I've just counted 200 while sat having my morning tea and the...
  5. tykatem

    Australian Bush Etiquette

    IN GENERAL 1. Never take an open stubby to a job interview. 2. Always identify people in your paddocks before shooting at them. 3. It's tacky to take an Esky to church. 4. If you have to vacuum the bed, it's time to change the sheets. 5. Even if you're certain you're included in the will...
  6. John O' Dreams

    'Waterboarding saved lives' – Bush

    Former US president George Bush said information obtained from terrorist suspects through “waterboarding” prevented attacks and saved British lives. In his memoirs, serialised in The Times, he said the use of the controversial interrogation technique - which simulates drowning - had helped to...
  7. flowerpotman

    Bush shoe

  8. Mushtaq

    Bush shoe-ing worst Arab insult

    By Martin Asser BBC News Around the Arab world, if you want to escalate a situation, by saying for example "I'm going to thump you", add the words "with a shoe" and you're literally adding insult to injury, at least the threat of injury. It's that cultural significance that has added real...
  9. Mushroom

    Bush and Brown = Double clown

    Just when things couldn't really get much worse for our illustrious leader, it did because George W Bush came to town for the farewell tour (for both?). A meeting of two great minds took place in which they came out with the usual bull and then our government pledged to send a few more troops...
  10. ceemac

    Gul's Meeting with Bush

    This report is a couple of weeks old but it's interesting. Have a read at the comments posted as well - illuminating! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=06b_1199873444 C
  11. Germaine

    George Bush Countdown

    This clock shows the countdown to George W Bush leaving Office. Something that in my opinion cant come quick enoough. 578 DAYS 12 Hrs 17 Minutes to go from time of this thread starting http://www.backwardsbush.com The tide is slowly turning. For the sake of Peace on Earth the removal...
  12. spitfire

    ** News Flash ** Turkey Attacks Bush

    Turkey Attacks George Bush!!
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