Buses to and from Bodrum Airport

    There are 2 bus companies doing the run to and from Bodrum airport. HAVAS AND MUTTAS. Could someone please tell me what time they depart Bodrum bus station to connect with the 10.00am morning flight from Bodrum to Istanbul. (Jan 2017).
  2. Devil's_Advocate

    On the buses.

    Here is a tale that will make your heart glow. Well, not really I suppose. For me, this story is typical of what I do not like about the UK. "How a £1.50 bus fare turned into a £750 fine: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says his friend's experience at the hands of a jobsworth bus inspector proves justice...
  3. suzyq

    Panic buttons on public buses

    Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (İETT), the city’s public bus authority, introduced buses with new “panic buttons” on Feb. 26. Hasan Celikdelen, head of the IETT’s IT department, said when a person presses one of the new panic buttons, it generates a signal received by the company’s...
  4. M

    buses to Datca and Marmaris

    Does anyone know the times the buses leave Marmaris for Datca and times the buses leave Datca for Marmaris please and what time is the last one leaving Datca for Marmaris thanks:12:
  5. bickern

    RIP 'Blakey' in On the Buses

    Actor Stephen Lewis - known for his role in sitcom On The Buses - has died aged 88, his family revealed today. The star was ‘in high spirits’ right up until his death in the early hours of yesterday at a care home in Wanstead, east London, where he had lived for the past three years. Lewis -...
  6. L

    Antalya Buses

    We are off to Antalya next week for a few days and I was wonderıng ıf we can stıll pay cash for our local buses or wıll we have to buy one of the prepaıd cards? If so where can we buy them ın the Old Town area thanks Sharon:dooh:
  7. beyazbayan

    New sticker on the buses

    Saw this today for the first time just by the RH side of the front door is a sticker about 5'' x 5'' showing a women in a bikini and a man in swim shorts with a large red X through them. Spoke to th4e driver he says people dressed in this manner will be refused passage on the buses. Great İ...
  8. A


    hi does anyone know what time the last bus goes from bodrum to altinkum in october please thanks
  9. P

    Bodrum buses

    In September we need to get from Bodrum to Orhaniye by bus. Where can we find out times etc . I think it would be the Bodrum to Dalaman bus service. Anybody done this trip who can help please as to the best service.
  10. E

    Questions about the new buses

    A friend told me that one of the new buses (the high numbers) goes through cikcilli and onto the fish market although he couldn`t remember which one. Does anybody know which number it is? Also can somebody tell me which bus drives to the new stadium, the 11A or 11B? Thanks in advance.
  11. A

    times of buses Soke to Kusadasi

    does anyone know the times of dolmus going from soke to kusadassi please also kusaddassi to selcuk on a morning for june thanking you
  12. A


    hi does anyone know the times of the buses to go to sirince we know you have to get bus to soke selchuk kusadassi but just need times from altinkum also for coming back from sirince we prefer dolmuses as dont drive over there thanks
  13. U

    Buses from Olympos to Antalya

    Hi, I would like to travel from Olympos to the Otogar in Antalya (at the corner of Dumlupinar Blv and Antalya Blv.) I have found this bus company which has regular buses on this route: .batiantalyatur.net Can someone confirm that these buses will bring me to the Otogar above. My concern is...
  14. A

    bus from Altinkum to izmir?

    does anyone know what timesthe bus goes to izmir from altinkum and how long it takes and the price please thanks
  15. A89

    Beach Road buses during Triathlon

    Does anyone know when the buses will NOT be running down the beach road during the triathlon? Alison
  16. T

    Local buses

    Hi What are the fares on the local buses in and around Side. The reason is we want to see more of the local areas in and around Side and felt the Dolmus was the best way of exploring. Tosher
  17. N

    Havas Buses

    I will arrive at Milas at 0745 on 11/3 on a Pegasus flight from Istanbul. Does anybody know if the Havas Bus from the airport to Bodrum will be running? I usually use Resorthoppa but their shuttle buses don't start running this year until 1/4.
  18. Y

    Fethiye to Akyaka/Gokova buses

    Can anyone give me uptodate info on whether there are direct buses now between Fethiye and Akyaka (also known as Gokova)? And, if so, which company/ies operate these? If not, can anyone suggest the best way of getting from Fethiye to Akyaka and back by bus. I don't want to stand by the side...
  19. val2661

    Town buses????

    Over the last two weeks when I have visited Alanya, I haven't seen any town buses. These are the buses which I used to catch to and from Kipa/Alanyum etc. There were none in the relevant bays at the Dolmus station and I haven't seen any on the streets. Lots of the new type City buses though...
  20. A

    Buses to kalkan-kas

    Dose anyone have any info on travel to kalkan-kas by coach-bus fom dalyan or ortaca
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