1. suzyq

    Suicide Bomber in Bursa

    Fortunately it seems that nobody was killed. A woman suicide bomber detonated herself on April 27 in the Marmara province of Bursa, wounding thirteen people, according to officials. The attack occurred at around 5.25 p.m. near the Ulu Cami, a mosque which is at the center of the province...
  2. irishmatelot

    Travel from Istanbul to Bursa

    HI there I will be staying in Kadikoy on the Asian side in October and wish to travel to Bursa for a few days before returning to the European side of Istanbul (Yenikapi?). Just wondered if anyone had used the fast ferries and knows how they work, reliability etc. Also is Bursa OK for a lone...
  3. N

    Starting a business in Bursa

    Hi everyone. I am married to a Turkish national, we have an 18 month year old son and live and work in the UK at the moment. As a family we will be coming over to Turkey to set up an English Language centre using methods that require only native English speakers but of course bi-lingual local...
  4. K

    Best way to get to Bursa from Izmir?

    Hi! İ was told that you can fly to Bursa from İzmir? Not sure if this is right or not? Does anyone know? İf you cant fly there then can anyone let me know the best way to get there and how long it takes from İzmir. Many thanx! Kx
  5. Q

    Considering relocating

    I've been offered a job which would mean relocating to one of the school's other branches in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Antalya, Adana, and Izmit. I've been to both Istanbul and Bursa. I like Istanbul, but found it cramped, the metro system a joke and the buses even worse, and I didn't like the...
  6. pineapple1

    Nice Hotel near Bursa !

    I was looking at uk hotels when this popped up . They have 2 hotels in Turkey and are part of the Hilton group . UK prices are £42 per room per night . Seems really nice for anyone visiting Bursa .................Diane Hampton by Hilton hotels in Turkey
  7. E

    Cheap hotels in Bursa or Istanbul?

    Hello, I am travelling to Istanbul 1, Nov. I am looking to stay in Istanbul or Bursa, and I am sorry if I may ask .. are there any hotels for about $30+/- a night in either city? My stay is 25 days. All the online hotels I found so far start from $50/night...and I do not care about quality or...
  8. ceemac

    Lawyer killed in Bursa for warning smokers about the smoking ban

    Good grief this is just atrocious; 'Celal Sezgin, 53, a lawyer registered with the Bursa Bar Association, was murdered in a pub for warning smokers inside about the smoking ban.' Here C
  9. ceemac


    This is one of the places in Turkey I'll really like to see sometime. 'Mere hours from İstanbul, Bursa is a thrusting modern city that feels very sure of itself. Well known for its textile and automobile industries, it's not a place that has had to rely on the vagaries of the tourism business...
  10. R

    Bursa trip

    hi all can i go to borsa alone or must be with tour if yes how by detail pls (with tour it cost 100$ each we are 4)
  11. D

    Bodrum to Bursa

    Does anyone have any information or advice on travelling from Bodrum to Bursa - it doesn't look like there are direct fights. Dave.
  12. shirleyanntr

    Bursa.. the green city

    İ'm prompted to write a little bit about this wonderful city because of an earlier post asking for work in Bursa ..and one reply stated that there was not much tourism in Bursa! Bursa known as Yeşil Bursa to the Turks is a vibrant sprawling city full of history, full of well laid out parks, one...
  13. merlin

    One dead as device explodes in Bursa this morning....

    One man has been killed in an explosion outside the offices of a state electricity company this morning in the city of Bursa, in the north-west of Turkey. The death was announced by the police, who set up a security ring around the area but said they had no further information on what caused the...
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