1. R

    Sultannia Burns

    2 hours ago we saw smoke across the lake, Koycegiz from Toparlar, in what looks like the Sultannia area, using binoculars we saw flames, now without binoculars, we see a raging fire, judging distance I would estimate ,four miles long. Hope all are safe.
  2. suzyq

    Turkish man burns lover to death after dispute

    Absolutely tragic. A young woman has allegedly been burned to death by her boyfriend in the southern province of Antalya after a dispute, during which he doused his girlfriend with a can of petrol and set her on fire. The incident happened on the highway in Antalya’s Döşemealtı district on...
  3. pineapple1

    Woman Burns Storing Petrol !!!

    Woman Badly Burned Trying To Store Petrol - Yahoo! News UK In my opinion theres no need for this .. Diane
  4. giglets

    Burns' Night

    Wishing all my fellow Scots, and others, a great Burn's Night tonight. Enjoy raising a glass or three, to the Great Man! Slangevar!
  5. M

    Burns Night 25th January

    Hi I am a new member to this forum, although we have been spending more and more time in Turgutreis of late. Being of Scottish origin and enjoying a wee dram or 2 we wondered if anywhere in Turgutreis put on a Burns Night celebration. If not would anyone be interested ?
  6. perfect1949

    how many people as had their clothes and furniture ruined by cig burns

    :mad2:going through my clothes yesterday, and i found a cig burn in my leather jacket . the jacket cost me 200 pounds and i dont even smoke .:mad2:
  7. M

    Burns Supper

    Does anyone know of anyone with a set of bagpıpes willing to play them 25th January at the Didim Diner?
  8. Lindacm

    Burns Night

    I noticed in the Land Of Lights that there is a Burns Night on Fri 23rd Jan; Held by Calis Carnival Club the Harman Hotel, Calis. For 27ytl per head you will get a 3 course meal, traditional night's menu...Soup... Haggis, Neaps & tatties...followed by desert. (they do have shephers pie or...
  9. petermcintosh

    Tommy Burns R.I.P.

    Sad to report, Tommy Burns of Celtic football club passed away this morning at the age of 51. I had the pleasure of watching him playing with Celtic, a very skillful football player, and by all accounts a devoted family man, I also know first hand that he was extremely grateful and humble to be...
  10. Andy

    David Burns Birthday

    Happy birthday David enjoy your place in Kargicak Best wishes :pressie: Andy
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