1. juco

    Cilla Black burglary foiled.

    She must have had an even numbered house.
  2. mamish

    Burglary in Turgutreis

    Last Friday night we were burgled. I haven't been able to talk about it without breaking down until now, but as I firmly believe in the Power of Intention, I have today placed a big curse on the thief who broke into my home and I feel better for it. Basically, the wrong he has done will come...
  3. Alexander

    Burglary cases in Gultan sitesi

    This is a message for those who own on Gultan Sitesi (and maybe Basko, Ozgur, etc.) During the last month I found the doors of two houses forced, one was a Turkish owner, the other a British one (the house just in front of mine). Of course, I reported both cases to KOOP people. So please be...
  4. ted j

    Attempted burglary

    Copied from facebook altinkum and akbuk help page for Tanya Howell Tanya Howell Warning all. Whilst walking our dogs home we saw two lads had broken into a house by us. We shouted and chased them while our dog ran after them. One of the lads got straight on his ****ty motorbike and tried to...
  5. R

    Dalaman Burglary

    has any one any information on recent burglary's in the Dalaman area we had one about 18 months ago whilst we were sleeping, they took quite a lot of our things and now aparently they have been around the same area again with the same type of goods taken, what is no good to them left in the...
  6. M

    Latest burglary in Altinkum

    Last night there was a burglary in our block ,but this is a new take . The keys to the apartment were stolen from a hand bag , 3 ladies on holiday .one a long time owner and her 2 friends were sat talking to a young Turk ,He stole the apartment keys from a hand bag unseen by the ladies ,he then...
  7. V

    Burglary in Altınkum

    Last night I had the head of the police department of Didim and the head of the Army units here in my hotel for dinner as my guests. At some point I had to raise this issue with them. I asked the head of the police is there enough police to patrol Didim because there are so many breaks in...
  8. R

    burglary - security ideas

    what has anybody done to make there property safer? one TLF reader has already said he has Double Hinged all his doors and windows, such a simple idea, but very effective. we have put bolts into all patio doors so they cannot be lifted off their tracks and placed a cut to size wooden broom...
  9. R

    Burglary Statistics

    Apologies. I wouldn't know where to start with this, but if we had a crime table on here or somewhere, maybe the information gathered on this could go someway to persuading the police to act. I know all over the uk they have street cameras, I am no way saying maybe they need them but maybe if...
  10. peter the postie

    Intruder killed during burglary

    The householder has been arrested for murder. Live by the sword, die by the sword I say! BBC News - Suspected intruder stabbed to death in Bramhall burglary
  11. Alexander

    Burglary in Tuzla

    Having had the property for three years and having been permanently here for 1.5 hears I thought it would not happen, but it did. Actually I had heard about a burglary case in our site this year, but I didn't take it in the adequate manner. We live in Gultan sitesi, in a 'semi-buried' villa...
  12. altinkum kev

    Burglary suspect caught Altinkum

    A small bit taken from a daily Didim paper which i have translated as best as i can. MR D's Has been caught and taken into custody Police say they have found at his home 5 LCD TV, 12 laptop computers, a notebook, 5 phones, 3 cameras, 5 digital cameras, 1 satellite receiver, 2 wireless mobile...
  13. V


    Well received a phone call last night , from the police in altinkum and my maintenance company . hello you have had a burglary 5 in your block has been broken in to and your place is the worse, its the time of year once again , no one can go in not even the police there going to need...
  14. Fastlady

    Calis Burglary

    (Apologies - I posted this in reply to another post on the Gulluk thread about break ins, but think it might be better here!) My parents (both in their 70s) arrived home to their Calis ground floor apartment last Wednesday evening to find they had been burgled during the afternoon! The thieves...
  15. Briand

    Burglary front door ripped off

  16. Briand

    Burglary front door ripped off

    We went to kos on Wednesday 16th June to renew our visa,s, before I get to the main story we never told anybody that we was going we never have a set routine for going out, we believe we have been watched over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. About 3 weeks ago Sue and myself sat watching TV ,about 9...
  17. ceemac

    Increase in Burglary?

    Are burglaries on the increase in Turkey I wonder? There doesn't seem to be a lot of other types of crimes such as assaults reported on TLF, but having been to Turkey loads of times, that type of violence crime seems to be less common anyway. Personally, I've never ever felt threatened or...
  18. M


    Jus a quıck message warnıng people ın the bodrum area that my house was broken ınto last nıght whılst ı was sleepın people please be extra vıgılant when takın a nap or goın out as these people entered my house whılst ı was asleep ın bed they broke the wındow an put the bathroom door thru whılst...
  19. Howell's

    Window locks Due to burglary

    Hi guys As you may know we were broken into last week. Part of the reason they got in was the fact that the windows and sliding doors here do not have key locks so they managed to slide a wire through the side of the door and lift the handle (simple). My husband was a upvc window fitter in the...
  20. Howell's


    We live just off the Marina Road in Didim and came home on Monday night at 10pm to find our house had been broken into. We have iron work on all our windows and doors and also 2 dogs which we thought was enough security.. WE WERE WRONG !!!!!!!! They were very professional and got through the...
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