1. S

    Burglaries in Akbuk

    Following a bit of CCTV delving I managed to provide full facial shots of the burglars who have been doing Akbuk. So maybe some of you can sleep a bit better Not sure if I've heard right but I think they got them today shots fired early morning. Don't know for sure though will ask around Robbie
  2. J


    Does anyone know of a local alarm installer and to what standard the systems are built to? I would like to find something which will use text messaging or email to notify alerts via sim card? Nothing worth stealing really but would give peace of mind if local agent can be notified of any...
  3. P

    Burglaries in Dalyan

    For information Another 2 villas were broken into in the Ataturk Mah area last night. That makes 7 that I know about in the last 8 weeks. It's nice to see the Jandarma are out there working hard to catch the bad guys (not). So be aware, keep your neighbours informed and stay safe.
  4. W

    Burglaries in Yalikavak

    I was just wondering what the burglary rate was like in Yalikavak? I only ask because we had a terrible time in Kalkan after a burglary and were treated very badly by the local police, almost as if we were the culprits rather than the victims. We lost all of our money, passports, the lot, as...
  5. D

    Dalyan Burglaries

    Good news, according to the Ortaca paper, the Jandarme caught a guy in the act of breaking into a house in Gulpinar on Friday. He is currently being held in Mugla closed prison. Hopefully that is the end for this year. As we all know, most of the problems are at the beginning & end of the season.
  6. L


    Just to warn everyone, there were four burgularies in Söğütlüyurt last night/early this morning. 3 Turkish houses and one English holidaymaker. Make sure you lock up folks.
  7. P

    Spy clock - burglaries

    I've just watched abuse in a care home on panorama tonight and the daughter had a clock with a hidden camera inside. The film lasted two nights and the video can be downloaded on the computer. I have checked with e bay and these can be bought for under £20, so a good source to catch burglars...
  8. M

    Apartment Burglaries

    Be carefull and be vigilant. We had our appt burgled in the early hours of this morning 5 mins from the beach at Yalikavak.... They got in thru the tiniest open toilet window, made a tidy search and left with some costume jewellry thru the front patio doors!!! Time for grills unfortunately....
  9. G

    Burglaries in the area

    Hi All, Wondering if you are able to help (again!)...... I must be the most unlucky person around here at the moment, what with everything that has happened, we were burgled whilst asleep in our beds! Anyway, there appears to have been a spate of break ins in the area and the Jandarma are very...
  10. jaimie

    Burglaries today Wednesday 25 August

    Hi Everyone, Please be advised burglars are back in the Akbuk area. My house opposite the summer breeze apartments was burglarized this morning at about 05:30 hrs, my friend who was staying in the villa was woken up by what turned out to be two guys taking the patio doors off the hinges, he...
  11. Briand

    Your thoughts on burglaries

    This is our second year of retirement in Altinkum/Didim mind you its only eight months a year lol. Since our retirement nearly every British we meet in bars or restaurants the subject of burglaries comes up I know it may sound a lot but compared to the UK I personally don't think its a lot. A...
  12. H


    Having had an atttempted break in whilst home this evening at 7.30 and foiling the rogue, I wondered what the general situation on break ins is currently in Dalyan. I had one insecure area which was awaiting repair, and oddly this is where they got in just the day after I had called someone out...
  13. ZiaCa'

    Internet sites useful for burglaries....

    Internet sites 'useful to burglars' - Yahoo! News UK
  14. J

    Burglaries & CCTV

    Hi All We recently received the following from our Mgt Co: ---------------------- Due to latest increased burglary in Kalkan, the local Council and Jandarma has recently had a meeting and the outcome is to put cameras in and around Kalkan and also Jandarma will have more men out controling the...
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