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    BURA burada = here, in here [lit : bura +da [in] ---> in here] Burada kaç kişi var ? --> How many people [there are] in here ? buraya = to here Buraya gel. [ come here] Bura + y [buffer] + a [to] [lit: to here] Buradan = Bura + dan [from] ---> From here Otobüse buradan bineceksin ---> You...
  2. shirleyanntr

    Todays word is Bura

    Todays word is bura This means ‘here’ its a word in constant use and when you are learning it can be confusing because of the number of suffixes it seems to take ..and they all seem to mean the same thing. Bu means this…and ..Ra is a suffix for place…So ‘bu+ra’..means this place…or here Bura...
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