1. 3

    Bunch of liars

    Weird how all these people scream Human Rights when it comes to other countries actions, whilst acting despicable themselves. It went right to the top of New Labour but fear not, I have no doubt that any sitting Government plays by the same rules..........no rules. And David Miliband now sits at...
  2. Yalides

    A bunch of migrants

    David Cameron under fire after calling Calais refugees 'a bunch of migrants' | Daily Mail Online OK, what are they then ? A gaggle of migrants, A herd of migrants, A swarm of migrants, Or my personal favourite, A plethora of migrants.
  3. juco

    British gas are a bunch of deceitful crooks

    They claim prices have gone up by 9.2% (end Nov) which was bad enough so I thought I would check this quarters bill against the same figures at the new rates.....guess what 19% increase. They have taken away the tariff I was using and forced me on to a fixed daily rate and also taken away the...
  4. S

    What a lovely bunch of people you all are

    Have only been a member for a short while, but I am over the moon I found you all, information is at hand for any subject anytime of day I get worried about my pending move to Turkey. Its a breath of fresh air to see people helping each other out in such a horrible selfish world at the moment...
  5. T

    what a funny bunch (we) you are

    so , theres a controvercial post and the question is asked - should be be banned. That gets 61 posts from 1336 views On this Turkish Living Forum I asked for information on what people wanted from a rental property and got 10 replies from 243 views have we lost sight of the original objective...
  6. S

    latest bunch

    A warm welcome to those members who have joined during the past two weeks pompeykeith jonwalling pam temel annie mikey grant maxwell suzanne Sonny terrie hib peter and sharon ATAKF16 mellork KayaKoyuOldBoy chris_kerry uprkr fethiyegirl cubesfan icebabes creedgearoid vodka queen icexx...
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