1. alison09400

    Turkish bully sent to jail!

    Turkish teenager Hatice Can has been jailed in the UK for bullying another girl who jumped to her death to escape her. Vicar's girl bully killer is jailed | The Sun |News Glad to see another parasite removed from society!
  2. Sunny Seasider

    Facebook teen bully is jailed.

    Cyber bully posted evil death threats | The Sun |News A very serious case of cyber bullying, will the sentence stop this unacceptable behaviour?
  3. leylaasena

    Bully beef and Biscuits

    I've just heard from a cousin in Australia about a planned charity run by the Melbourne Fire Brigade from Galipoli to London starting on Anzac's day next year. Check out there website on [url]www.bullybeefandbiscuits.com
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