1. D


    The Bulgarian government has expelled 10 Russian diplomats from the country, according to Russian and Bulgarian news sources. "At the suggestion of the competent authorities, agreed with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, Bulgaria today declared ten Russian diplomats personae non grata," said the...
  2. D

    In Just a Few Generations.

    Just thought I would put this out there (hope the Admins don't Mind)..?? This is the True Story of 2 of my Neighbours here in Bulgaria, but both have a reference to Both Russia and Turkey. When I first arrived here in 2008, I met my next Door Neighbour Roman, a very old Bulgarian man who...
  3. Camden

    Bulgarian trade in illegal world of organised dogfighting

    Disgusting ....warning of distressing images Inside the illegal world of organised dogfighting - BBC News - YouTube
  4. rafiki

    Bargain Bulgarian Property.

    Anyone interested in making the move over to Bulgaria? I have my furnished fully renovated house up for sale, Click on the link for full details and loads of pics! FURNISHED HOUSE FOR SALE 48,000 EUROS - Home Best way to contact me is by email:andymessias@gmail.com
  5. Phil Johns

    Bulgarian house sale

    We present this property owned by us 40KM from the TR BG border the price is 15000 euros The house is two storey and currently configured as a two bedroomed property with a large yard and garden of around 1,500 square meters. The property is off the center of the village and access is via a...
  6. W

    Bulgarian Black Sea Coast - Recommendations

    Due to need to kill a few days in Bulgaria ( on account of the 185 day rule for car entry to Turkey) I am seeking recommendations and opinion re places to base ourselves - probably taking route from Sofia - Varna - Burgas - Turkey. We like the coast but not too fussed on the trendy beach resorts...
  7. altinkum kev

    Bulgarian rental Long term.

    As there are many here now looking to leave Turkey here is a great property in Bulgaria. This is not in some cheap £3000 property village . 4 double bedroom house fully furnished in Prisovo Village with plenty of shops bars etc 3 miles from Veliko Tarnovo garden enclosed alarmed and fibreoptic...
  8. H

    Bus from Bulgarian border

    Hi I will be handing my UK car over at the Bulgarian border with Turkey next week Can I jump on a bus back to Izmir at the border we are not sure which crossing point is best yet Any advice
  9. D

    a link to a Bulgarian site....

    For want of a better place to put this request i have put it in 'cars' because i am looking to buy a car in BG. Has anyone got a link to a site of simular quality to this for expats in BG?----not the İWAC site but a real BG only site! Also if anyone has brought a car in from BG to Turkey i...
  10. S

    Our first snowfall of the Bulgarian winter.

    This is what we awoke to this morning, a winter wonderland. Not one single forecast predicted it but the locals said it was coming and now they tell us we will get a load more on Thursday. The views are of our garden and the fields and hills beyond, I was so excited to see it, it looked great...
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Our Bulgarian Holiday

    We have just spent our first, albeit short, but very relaxing stay in our Apartment in Bansko. We could not have wished for better weather, every day was clear, sunny and just got warmer, felt uncanny surrounded by deep snow. The first couple of pics is the view from our Bedroom window, across...
  12. S

    For Sale - Bulgarian Registered Van

    If anyone is relocating to Bulgaria we have a bulgarian registered Opel Combo van for sale. Very reliable, economical and plenty of space for pets, luggage etc. If you would like any further details please PM me.
  13. maggie

    Bulgarian Leva.

    Does anyone know can you exchange Bulgarian Leva into Turkish Lira in Turkey. I had heard it was a soft currency and you can not exchange it out of Bulgaria. Hugs Maggie xxx
  14. D

    I've Purchased a Bulgarian Home

    Hi. Just purchased a new Bulgarian House in the Elhovo region. It seems now that many ex-pats that use to live in Turkey (and from Spain & Portugal for that matter) are now relocating there, because of the cheap property & cost of living. We spoke with one family from Liverpool that have just...
  15. D

    Wanted:- Bulgarian Buying Buddy..?

    Hi Guys, Sorry, but I may have misled you, what I'm actually after is a Buying Buddy, who knows all the info on how to buy in Bulgaria. I will keep my villa here in Turkey, but what I want to know is "Warts an All" on what there is to know about the buying process. I'm also looking for info on...
  16. bobthenob

    Bulgarian Experience

    What a amazing experience l had travelling to Bulgaria,which l personally want to thank Sharon and Eric for posting such a informative article on the Forum of Bulgaria,which l couldn’t have done it without them and would’ve found it hard going due to to being ignorant on the way. “Well”,here...
  17. T

    Bulgarian Booklet - How Not to Embezzle!!

    OMG! 15 Billion euros to play with!! "Bulgarian mayors get how-to booklet on honesty Bulgaria's prime minister has issued graft-prone town mayors with a special instruction manual on how not to embezzle funds. Skip related content Related photos / videos Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko...
  18. merlin

    Repair Funds Raised for Bulgarian Unique Church in Istanbul....

    A non-governmental organisation has donated EUR 20,000 for the reconstruction of the roof of Bulgaria's St. Stephanos Church in Istanbul. The fund-raising campaign for the Iron Church in Constantinople, as it is commonly referred to, was launched in June by the same-name foundation who will...
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