1. W

    Free Rent in Bulgaria

    Good morning, I have a very nice house in Mid Bulgaria that we have not been out to for 2 years and I don't Think we will be going next year. I don’t like leaving the house empty for all this time and was thinking if letting it out in exchange for the maintenance work to be taken care of by who...
  2. D

    Bulgaria gives 3m to Turkey.

    Bulgaria is ready to give up to 3 million euros to Turkey under the Refugee Assistance Facility until 2023. This year, Bulgaria has provided EUR 150,000 for this purpose, the BNR said. In Brussels, Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva will present Bulgaria's readiness to provide additional...
  3. McB

    Ride Share Istanbul to Bulgaria

    Near the end of this month in about ten days Im meeting a friend in Istanbul for a couple of days, and then we are heading back up to visit with him in his place in Bulgaria in Plovdiv for a couple of days... and instead of taking the bus we thought to ask if there is anyone in Istanbul that may...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    To Bulgaria by car

    I know that several of our members travel from Turkey by car and I would be grateful for any words of wisdom. A friend of mine in Istanbul needs to leave the country for visa/driving licence purposes and is considering an overnight stay in Bulgaria. What is the minimum length green card...
  5. S


    Mentioning Bob on another thread got me to thinking about his ultimate destination Bulgaria On TLF for a while it seemed to be THE place to move to with several members extolling its virtues and preparing to exit Turkey to go there Are there any members still over there?
  6. christella


    Fancy a holiday in Bulgaria any body recommend a nice hotel
  7. flowerpotman

    Turkey to bulgaria

    hi anybody know what is required to drive to bulgaria with an m plate car. Going to visit friend and think it is 12ookm trip am gas converted can you get gas in bulgaria. Any help appreciated.
  8. Phil Johns

    House for Sale Southern Bulgaria

    We have this furnished property for sale in the village of Mamarchevo in the Yambol region of Bulgaria, the asking price €20.000 ono More photographs and a full description can be seen on at https://www.facebook.com/Paws-Bulgaria-1401445616818435/?ref=hl You can either pm me on here or on...
  9. L

    Very sad story - Ex-Turkey expat - Bulgaria Murder

    Probably a few of you from Altinkum will have known this poor lady and her husband. British woman murdered in Bulgaria just months after moving there - Telegraph I don't know who added to my subject line and mis-spelled it.....
  10. altinkum kev

    Gardening in Bulgaria

    Gardening is such hard work, but we are getting there.
  11. G

    Property For Sale in Bulgaria

    Hi there, some friends of mine have a very nice 2 bedroom property for sale in Bulgaria which is fully furnished and ready to move into. A new roof was put on last year and there is no work to do on it at all. If you or anyone you know is interested in further details, please pm me your...
  12. B

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    I'm visiting Sofia for the first time, flight & hotel booked for November. Any 'street-wise' warnings would be gratefully adhered too!
  13. W

    Bulgaria -scenic places to visit in April

    To those who have a place in Bulgaria or have spent some time there I would be grateful for the low down on readily accessible places to visit. I usually travel straight through Bulgaria en route to Turkey - stopping overnight in Sofia or Plovdiv. Last year we tried a different route just for a...
  14. altinkum kev

    Removals Turkey to Bulgaria

    We will be adding a larger truck to the fleet as the jobs are getting to big for van and trailer, pm if interested.
  15. M

    Anyone traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria by car?

    Hi all you helpful TLF folks out there Whilst I don't contribute to the forum I have over the past year or so as a member found it both very informative and hilarious reading at times. Some sad times recently too. My question is this should any members be traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria in...
  16. Phil Johns

    Happy New Year from Paws Bulgaria

    Sue, I, and all at Paws wish all TLF members all the best for 2015, and would like to thank all of you for your business and recommendations. :49:
  17. H

    We moved to Bulgaria

    Well after renting in Didim & Akbuk we saw the writing in the wall that it was going to get so much harder to stay retired in turkey To be honest we were fed up of being ripped off by certain landlords that suddenly sold from under our feet the place we were told we could rent for life We made a...
  18. D


    This Beautiful Part Renovated Property in BULGARIA, with not 1 but 2 Houses included in the Price of Just 28k GBP. Also includes 770 sq mts of land with room for a pool plus extensions to both houses is available if required. The Old House has a living space of 48 sq mts, and the new house has a...
  19. altinkum kev

    Altinkum kev in Bulgaria.

    Don't panic I am here still alive and enjoying myself , I would say I did not like it if it were true, we do of course miss our friends back in Altinkum, I have nothing bad to say of Altinkum, I left as I did not like the way things were going with the country itself. I think we chose a very...
  20. J

    Driving to Bulgaria from Turkey?????

    Hi, we are planning to drive from Didim to Bulgaria (Sunny beach) next month. Has anyone done this and if so which route did you use?, have also been told you can get a ferry from Cannakale to Bulgaraia? any information greatly appreciated:12: :thanks: Jan
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