1. culturevulture

    Daffoldil and Crocus Bulbs????

    Anyone know where I can Daffodil and Crocus bulbs in Didim, please? Also Autumn flowering Primulas. Anyone dividing any of the above, and have any to spare? Mary.
  2. D

    Bayonet bulbs

    Could someone tell me pease if you can get bayonet fitting light bulbs around here in the gummy,yali,turg, area please ? Seeking the smaller bayonet fitting for lamps. thank you.
  3. T

    Light bulbs

    Can light bulbs from the UK be used in Turkey?
  4. ceemac

    Free energy saving bulbs 'cost £45'

    Each household has ended up paying £45 for the free energy saving light bulbs that have been sent to them by their electricity supplier, according to a leading watchdog. Here C
  5. immac

    Energy Saving Bulbs Problems

    Is anyone else having reliability problems with the new energy saving bulbs? I seem to be going through these quite quickly. Last year I started writing the date on the base as I put them in to keep a tag on their lifespan. Yesterday the first of those tagged bulbs blew (and yes, I mean loud...
  6. paddington bear

    Light Bulbs

    Can anyone please tell me if English light bulbs will fit Turkish light fittings. Thanks. Sue :thanks:
  7. Peaceplant

    Halogen heaters -bulbs in Turkey?

    We brought over a halogen heater much like the one illustrated in link below but now we are having trouble locating replacement bulbs in Turkey despite the heaters being sold in Turkey now (but at double the price) http://www.focusdiy.co.uk/invt/215110 Anyone got one in Turkey and manage to...
  8. P

    Low energy bulbs

    What type of bulbs do you use it it the screw typem and what sizes can you get?
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