1. S

    Microwave and built in oven needed.

    Hello I am moving from a furnished place in Ovacik to a semi furnished place in Tuzla Fethiye,by Tuesday market. I need to buy a microwave and a built in cooker, I dont mind if its second hand or new. However, I am not microwave or cooker savvy and dont know really what im looking for..or where...
  2. A

    Prison to be built in Illica

    Apparently they are currently building a 350 acre prison in Illica. Does anyone have any further details?
  3. HelenSnowball

    Tornado... My Dad built this!

    Tornado back in business after eight-months out of action thanks to £400,000 upgrade | Daily Mail Online My Dad worked on the Tornado, he had a ride on it this weekend up at Shildon, so much work went into this engine, my Dad is 80 later this year and I am so proud of him for the work he put...
  4. TurkInDenmark

    First new church to be built in 90 years approved

    What do you all think? I think it's great. I welcome everything that can better intercultural relationships :) Even if it's a political move! BBC News - Turkey: First new church in 90 years approved
  5. F

    Villa Built Last Summer- a long shot...

    Hi all, a real long shot here.. Last summer when we were over we saw that one villa had been built, the other looked half built. I thought I had taken pictures of it, inc the agents details, however.... So, heres a link to google maps...
  6. D

    Built To order?

    I'm hoping that you good people on here can help me please....where in Didim can I get a corner unit built according to size? (because of the layout of my lounge - surrounding furniture, electrical/aerial point etc). I remember that TLFers have mentioned a few places where such can be done but I...
  7. D

    Built To Order?

    sorry posted in wrong area
  8. culturevulture

    The house that a billion euros built

    "Go off there and get a couple of sweets for yourself," says the woman, as she hands over a block of €50,000 (£42,000) notes. BBC News - The house that a billion euros built Mary.

    Built for comfort not speed

    Was not sure whether to put this into another thread relating to" keeping warm in winter". British women officially the fattest in Europe - Telegraph :504xn:
  10. perfect1949

    new house's being built

    in the gumusluk area there his new house's being built rigth left and center . i just cant understand what's going on when they cant sell the one's that are already built . how is it in your area ? , does someone know something that we dont . dave
  11. teosgirl

    Are we built for monogamy?

    Funlife and Bob have raised the issue of cheating husbands on another thread, and there does seem to be a high percentage of men that cheat, but both sexes are capable of cheating. This begs the question, are we built for monogamy? When I look at George clooney I have serious doubts :) but...
  12. T

    off-plan house purchase - never built but sold many times

    a friend of mine sister bought a house in kusadasi 2 years ago for around €140000 from the plans. This was done in ireland. When she went to kusadasi to look at house there was nothing their as it was not built yet. Now she have discovered that the same house was also sold to someone else, but...
  13. L

    Gundogan....University to be built

    Been confirmed today that permission has been given by Gundogan Council for Bilgi University of Istanbul to build a University off the main road to Yalikavak at the back of Gundogan village. So I am now not only distributing Voices Bodrum newspaper, I am now having my comments printed in...
  14. superpp

    Built a website...

    Hi, I'm new to the forum (although been a lurker for some years!!). We are buying an apartment in Hisaronu at the moment and intend to do some renting. I've put my own website together and would like some feedback, pointers. As I'm new I won't post it straight away as it may appear as...
  15. suzyq

    EXPOSED: Projects built on lies and sand

    THE extent of the lies behind Royal Resorts, its problems and the people running it can be exclusively revealed today by Voices. We have discovered that Royal Resorts’ Paradise Bay development at Akbük was a concept drawn up by a highly regarded architect who was then dumped and left 8,000...
  16. ceemac

    New port to be built in Eminönü in Turkish style

    Istanbul Sea Bus Administration, or IDO, continues the renovation of sea ports on the city’s shores, including the Kadıköy-bound ferry terminal at Eminonü port in Fatih. Here C
  17. gerald

    International rehab center to be built in Mahmutlar

    Sunday, October 11, 2009 Hürriyet Daily News The local governor's office and the municipality in Alanya are teaming up to build an international rehabilitation center in the Mediterranean resort town. The center will provide treatment to patients with disabilities from Europe and Turkey, while...
  18. P

    Garden of Sun built illegally

    The bulldozers are going in! Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Top hotel faces demolition order
  19. Mary

    More new structures built on Tuzla Highway

    Hello all when we were out in April 08 off the main highway to Tuzla we noticed that another petrol garage was being built no probs as it is nearer to all but 2 kilometeres on it looks like a supermarket is being built this was in the greater plan of things eventually and yes it is great to go...
  20. J

    Does cheap apartments mean cheaply built!

    We are scanning the turkish property market and know that certain areas are more expensive than others. But my question is are the properties built in Altinkum that range from 20 -30K really well built. We have family in Bodrum and they suggested to us that any property for that price must be...
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