1. C

    Buildings and contents insurance

    Hi everyone I am about to complete on a propery purchase in April. The lawyer is sorting out my earthquake insurance but I need advice on contents and building insurance. The apartment is an upper apartment and I will be paying maintenance fees is buildings insurance usually covered with those...
  2. M

    Illegal Buildings Amnesty Law

    Does anyone know if there is an amnesty available in Turkey for buildings put up without the correct planning permission before 2004? I have been told that this amnesty exists, but it's quite a difficult thing to search for on Google. The word 'amnesty' brings up hundreds of human-rights...
  3. A

    2 Buildings Collapse in Istanbul
  4. newhorizon

    Turkish governor 'bans' elevators in public buildings in fight against obesity

    Reading articles in various newspapers this morning , as is common at start of a new year with new goals, diets, juicers, gadgets, shakes etc it was refreshing to read about a Health official in Turkey who has banned elevator use for first 3 floors just making a small change... "Dursun Ali...
  5. B

    Help please - re - buildings and contents insurance

    Hi We have just found out that our property management company did not renew our insurance this year so I need to sort something out pronto. I've just contacted Intasure and they seem very expensive - does anyone know of any more companies where I can arrange insurance from the UK? Also - if...
  6. L

    New buildings

    Well, it is the time of year for new buildings to pop up everywhere! A new hotel is in the process of being built, next to the Derby. It is being built on top of a building that was completed a couple of years ago, but stands empty (Bim was there for one summer. It is behind where the...
  7. M

    Earthquake, Buildings and Contents Insurance

    Can someone help me on this subject. I own an apartment at Kusadasi International Golf Resort and wish to do my earthquake, buildings and contents insurance with a reputable firm in Turkey. I look forward to receive a small list/phone no/email address/website links. Thanks very much! Makarand
  8. McDHibs

    Tasyaka Area Road and Buildings Update

    Ive not long since came back from Tasyaka in Fethiye and have taken a couple of Shaky Videos and a couple of pictures to show some of the changes that have happened. Apart from lots more Apartment Blocks going up the main change is the road, it has been split just above the bus stop so we now...
  9. M

    buildings insurance

    Does anyone know of an insurer who covers for subsidence in Turkey? We are currently with 'Intasure' and our new policy no longer covers for it. Very worried as we are close to new road. All the digging they are doing may cause us some problems if not now then in the future. Jacqui
  10. M

    Buildings insurance

    Does anyone know of an insurer who covers for subsidence in Turkey? We are currently with 'Intasure' and our new policy no longer covers for it. Very worried as we are close to new road. All the digging they are doing may cause us some problems if not now then in the future. Jacqui
  11. suzyq

    Energy cards for buildings to be launched in new year

    The long-awaited obligation for property owners to obtain an energy classification card for their properties will go into effect across the country at the start of the new year, marking a new era for the Turkish construction sector and energy efficiency. Energy cards for buildings to be...
  12. ceemac

    Earthquake Risk For Many Buildings

    Many buildings in Turkey risk being destroyed in an earthquake because the law passed after the 1999 quake covers only 19 provinces. In 62 provinces, many of which are in first-degree quake zones, 10 to 30 percent of buildings are below standard and are structurally vulnerable. Experts are...
  13. S

    Illegal Buildings in Altinkum and Akbuk

    Report from Voices Newspaper "DIDIM Council is to begin razing illegal buildings to the ground as part of demolition crackdown from Monday. The council will demolish buildings that violate planning and zoning laws. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Demolition starts Monday
  14. I

    Any buildings left

    Hi Everybody, I was thinking of coming to the Didim area on holiday next month but read in the Voices newspaper that the local council have decieded to declare 400 + illegal builds and are demanding they be demolished,if not by the owners the council will act and take you to court,to fine the...
  15. K

    Buildings Insurance

    Hi, We have a duplex in Olivia and have been advised by Darlene that our buildings insurance is due for renewal. I am concerned as to whether this is our responsibility or that of the builders as we do not yet have our "tapu". We did pay last year but have beed advised that we shouldn't have to...
  16. newhorizon

    Accidental Buildings or Contents Insurance YES/NO? Intasure Hiscox etc

    Well known Insurers INTASURE have been regularly contacting me regards insurance on my new build apartment in Turkey. I am undecided as yet. Last year had quotes from Hiscox too. It's a 2 bed apartment with a total living area of 102m 2 I am undecided about a couple of things: Is Accidental...
  17. J

    Developers charges for communal buildings and facilties

    I have an apartment on a site with a large outdoor pool and indoor pool complex with gym, sauna, bar and restaurant. We are going through the process of forming an owners association and electing our chairman and selecting a maintenance company. The developer owns the communal building with the...
  18. Andy

    UK Buildings Insurance

    Recently looking around to get a cheaper insurance for a 3 bed house on the South Coast. Up till now iv'e been paying £115. Next month it was due to go up another £6-50p to £121-50. I came across 3 that bettered my previous insureres. ASDA at £89-90 Master Quote £83 & SAINSBURY'S...
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