1. B

    Good Builder Needed around Tuzla area.

    Hello and Happy New Year... can anybody recommend a good reliable trustworthy builder that can speak English! I am looking to have a 4 X 6 M2 patio also some fence panels around the garden, some turf laid and painting. Thank you
  2. B

    Help Please! How do you transfer water and electric from Builders to us?

    Hi There! I wonder if anyone can help us - or provide some guidance? 2 years ago we had a villa built by Deska. Although we have our TAPU - they are still responsible for the payment of electric and water. Building works are not completed on the project so I imagine with the tarrifs being...
  3. N

    builders in dalyan

    i always want to know the best ,honest and true builder in dalyan.
  4. M

    Bad Builders in Turkey

    I wonder if anyone knows this guy he works selling para gliding tickets in Olu Deniz on the beach he uses the name 'Tom' his real name is Tamer Tikan. He touts business for this builder called Masallah Sayali in Kas. He built a villa for us via recommendation from Tamer Tikan. What can I say it...
  5. G

    oracle builders

    Hi i am new and was wondering if any one has heared off these builders i am due to go on a inspection visit to akbuk and was looking to purchase off plan is this a safe company has anyone heard off them thank you for any help
  6. jewel

    Costs of changeing from builders electric to Aydem.

    Can anybody give me advice on the cost of changing from Builders electric to haveing it in our own name. We are on a complex and have had builders electric for the 9 years we have been there. 2 years ago the builder was ousted and a commitee set up and we continued to have the electric on the...
  7. S

    House Builders in Fethiye region

    Hi All My wife and I have just recently sold our apartment in Ovacik which we bought new 6 years ago. We are thinking of building a small 2-3 bedroom house on some land we have in Kemer a small village about 20 mins from Fethiye. We would like to contact some recommended builders to give us...
  8. M

    Builders and Aidat.

    yes, a very contencious issue. Are builders responsible for paying the maintenance on unsold apartments? If so, has anybody actually succeeded in getting them to pay, and if so, how did you go about this? Thanks in advance
  9. Neil_Denizli

    Recommended builders, painetrs, electricians ...?

    Getting ready to move into new house in Gumusluk ... does anyone out there have any recommendations for: painters - want to give the whole house a fresh coat builders / carpenters - need to knock a door through, close of a terrace, build a porch, maybe some insulation plumber - want to get...
  10. S

    Changing electric from builders to own name

    I'm told our place is still on builders power and that we need to transfer to the local electricity company. How do we do this and where in Dalaman is the electricity office. thanks
  11. niyaz


    I have noticed that when you ask for a quote from a builder he will tell you in Sterling pound and not Lira. So regardless if the lira is 2.3 a pound like last year or 2.65 lira to a pound at todays rate , you won't get the job done cheaper. On the other hand if you go shopping you will get...
  12. culturevulture

    Builders rate electric per unit

    What is the current cost of a unit of electricity,please, if on builders rate? I have searched the threads, but unfortunatley they are old threads, and electricity has gone since these prices were posted. Mary.
  13. E

    changing your lecci from builders rate?

    hi we have recieved our tapu & are going to get a copy of our hab cert when we are next over in turkey. we no that our electric should not be on builders rate after recieving hab cert but do we have to inform the electric supplier so that they can come & alter the meter or is it down to the...
  14. bobthenob

    builders jokes

    A builder knew their client were animal lovers and decided to start a bit of grooming with their mind.The builder really wanted a sale so he said to his clients this house comes with a dog.”ooH”,said the naive buyer,l love it well trained”Yes” said the builder lt has been trained to come...
  15. P

    Photographs wanted - my builders

    If anyone has photographs of Naci and Canert Caglayan my builders would you send them to me by e mail please. I have a photograph of Medini. He can also be on with the other two builders of all the same surname Caglayan.
  16. scotssteve

    Builders guarantees - Are they enforceable

    Morning all, What has been your experience when you have had problems with the structure of your new home/apartment. Did the builder actually come back and do the work? Does Turkey have anything similar to the NHBC warranty in the UK? As always, I am sure to get the truth through this forum...
  17. S

    Builders sand

    Does anyone know the price of a truck load of builders sand? We're relying on our builder and would like to have some idea of the cost just in case his price is extortionate! Thanks Sara
  18. bobthenob

    Builders H.C Rates

    By reading some of the posts on Habitation certificates has somewhat confused me.l hope this can be cleared up so the buyers will understand why they haven’t received their H.C. First of all,the builder needs to be connected to the utilities to do the work.And he can only do this by applying...
  19. Smiler

    Builders / Tilers

    I'm looking to tile the walls around my pool, (fed up with having to paint it and the dust that the current white paint attracts). Does anyone know of any reptuable tilers in the Dalaman area? Thanks in advance.
  20. Sweetnighter

    Builders Tax Liabilities

    Does a builder who has not sold any of his properties for over 5 years become exempt from CAPITAL GAINS TAX
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