1. Neil_Denizli

    recommended builder please

    Builder ... joat ... bodrum area needed asap
  2. D

    Builder / Plasterer Needed

    Hi Following the recent and ongoing earthquakes I need my BBQ and chimney removed approx 5 metres high (currently not quite attached to the external wall) and the wall made good. Also some internal tiling, plastering and painting. I need to get 2 quotes for my Insurance Company? Can anyone...
  3. A

    Builder shut off the water!

    Hi any advice out there! We have been paying the builder cash for the past five years for property maintainance. It's only a small development of 16 properties and 5 are still for sale. Although we have paid for property maintainance we have never had a document to say what is included or indeed...
  4. S

    Can anyone recommend a builder in Dalyan?

    Hello, I am helping my parents relocate to Turkey. They want to build there own property near Dalyan. We have been in Turkey together for last few weeks looking at land and meeting with various builders. The builders we have seen have given quite different prices to build (we have asked them...
  5. S

    English speaking builder around Dalaman/Ortaca area

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend us an english speaking builder in Dalaman/Ortaca area? We would like to build an eco friendly home in the middle of a small village. My husband is the project manager. Thanks in advance.
  6. D

    Good local builder ?

    Hi In dalyan does anybody recomend a English speaking builder / DIY firm . I am looking at having a couple of air bricks fitted or 100 mm wall vents . This I believe will improve ventilation required in winter ,and when not there . I can probably bring what required from UK if can't be sources...
  7. R

    Builder recommendation in Turgutreis

    Can anyone recommend a good builder in Turgutreis, for the second year we have had rain water leak into one of our bedrooms from the balcony of the apartment above. While in the UK this would probably be the upstairs owners issue, the apartment is rented and before I speak to the owner I would...
  8. E

    Villa-Lux, Villüx or Villalüks - Warning, do not buy from this builder!

    Some of you may already have read my thread on the Side forum about selling up and leaving Turkey. The builder who ripped us off on a number of occasions has moved his activities to the Bodrum area, so I want to send out a warning to those buying property in that area. Do not buy from this man...
  9. B

    Good Builder Needed around Tuzla area.

    Hello and Happy New Year... can anybody recommend a good reliable trustworthy builder that can speak English! I am looking to have a 4 X 6 M2 patio also some fence panels around the garden, some turf laid and painting. Thank you
  10. M

    Well done Ben the Builder

    We have recently had work done by Ben the Builder and his team of builders. We are very pleased with the work that they did. Ben has completed the work on time and gave consideration to the design of the building. As we were in England whilst the work was being done he kept us informed with...
  11. C

    ben the builder

    Does anyone have Ben the builders mobile number please???? THANKS
  12. B

    Services wanted

    Builder required: Can anyone recommend a good, reliable builder to build an extension on a property in Didim. I will need references and examples of work previously carried out. I am sure many others will share this post and the conversations it will create. Don't want to create a avoid...
  13. E

    Need a builder in Yalikavak Bodrum

    Can anyone suggest me good builder in Yalikavak Bodrum area ?
  14. suzyq

    Builder in ‘tax champs awards

    BODER Insaat, the builders of Olive Gardens in Akbük have received an award for being the 3rd highest Tax Payer for 2012 in Didim. Yildiray Emre, partner of Boder Insaat and Proprietor of My Turkish Home said: “'No-one likes paying tax but this award definitely makes me feel a bit better about...
  15. J

    builder in side PART2

    Several owners have now informed me that the tiles laid on balconys on the Oasis complex,have been laidto incorrect falls and no waterproof grouting?? causing rainwater laying on balconies and eventually seaping through to the ceiling of the appt beneath?????? Rainwater is causing flooding in...
  16. G

    Ben the builder

    This is a really great guy built us a beautiful swimming pool and hard landscaped the gdn for us, no hassle Ben and his team are nice tidy workers which does make a change used several difference builders in the past but had lots of issues with them. Ben is doing more quotes for us so nice to...
  17. J

    Builder in Side

    What do you think of this builder? Sells appts with free Internet 3years later after nothing but problems charges 85lrx84 appts to correct the problems, another year later charges the whole complex 1400lr to correct the neverending problems again. Builds an Indoor heated pool with design faults...
  18. OWENA

    new boy on the block - builder

    After a long time waiting:lalala: we are now in the process of getting our repairs and decorating done on our apt. We have had various quotes from reasonable to the ridiculous and have opted for BPPM, based in Yalikavak. We decided to go with them after making enquiries from past clients...
  19. D

    Ben the builder

    Thank you Ben and partner for doing a good quick, clean job for us. And the price a fair one after the crazy prices I had been quoted before, so thanks again Ben.
  20. staceman

    Need good Builder around Fethiye

    Hi I have a few issues with 14 foot walls around villa has anyone had any experience with a good Builder in the fethiye / saklikent region Many thanks Nick :roundgrin
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