1. T

    How to Build Your Own Custom Home / Villa

    Hi there folks! Looking for some advice on doing a custom build - like a 4 bedroom villa in Antalya, with a nice big backyard. Looking preferably within 15-20 min driving distance to city centre. Depending on costs can increase the drive time to 20-30 min also. I've heard good things about...
  2. bickern

    China offers to build a cheaper, faster HS2 - Five years

    China has offered to build a cheaper, faster HS2 service in just five years, it was reported last night. British officials are in talks with Chinese counterparts about getting the high-speed rail project back on track. Beijing claimed it could build the line by 2025 for less money and with...
  3. F

    How much does it cost to build a house?

    Hi Everyone, New here :) I have just bought a small piece of land (about 700 m2) in Zeytinada, Gazipasa. I've been looking to buy in Turkey for a few years and managed to purchase a piece of land with a very modest amount of money. I'm hoping to have a little holiday getaway and eventually...
  4. S

    Requirements for a prefabricated build in Turkey

    Hi: can anyone give me some succinct answers to what is actually required legally speaking to start and finish a prefabricated build in Mugla on a concrete base. What paperwork is required and some general idea of basic costs please? Our tapu is designated as arsa and we have been granted a...
  5. A

    illegal build

    Hello. An owner has built a bike cage on our site. My understanding is that it is illegal to build any solid structure on communal ground. The cage stops other owners from access to a window,access to aircon unit and access to painting their wall. Is this illegal|?
  6. suzyq

    Turkey to Build 23 New Race Tracks

    Although Turkey has already got 9 race tracks it is now going to build another 23. 23 new horse tracks to be built in Turkey - BUSINESS
  7. L

    Recommendation to build a Köşk (Gazebo) in Dalyan

    Can anyone recommend a company in Dalyan that would build a kosk at my villa?
  8. suzyq

    Turkey to build 207 prisons over 5 years

    Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin has announced plans for construction of 207 new prisons over the next five years. Ergin said that 75 of these were at the construction stage, 53 at the project stage, 50 of them at the planning stage, and 29 of them were at the bidding stage. LOCAL - Turkey to...
  9. B

    How to combat poor quality build.

    If you believe that your apartment is suffering from poor quality build what are you options and entitlement. In general under the Turkish Builders Code of Obligations most properties carry a general 5 year warranty. The court will hear an application after 5 years but will no doubt question...
  10. John LeNeve

    Greece to build fence on Turkish border

    Greece has announced that they are going to build a fence on the Turkish border to try to deter illegal immigration into the EU. Interesting. Will Greece get the same kind...
  11. T

    New build

    Does anyone know if the kinara homes are being built on the side of the hill.
  12. wayne+nik

    Mary Lindgreen having an oruc build please contact me

    HI, I would really like to contact a lady called Mary Lindgreen , she is having an oruc build on the maras site , as you will probably see from my previous posts i am also having an oruc build and would love to meet my new nieghbour , i hope we can speak soon or maybe someone who knows her give...
  13. S

    Land for sale in Kargicak, Build your own villa!

    We are selling 1400 sq m with view to Alanya. Water, electric etc all ready. No problems with imar! (building permissions). 1400 sq. metres for 170.000 TL.
  14. L

    We are going to build again..............

    We are planning to build our 3rd development.... maybe. Have our eyes on piece of land on the flat in central Gundogan as we know they sell quickly & are highly rentable there. We are looking at possibilities of 6 apartments with a pool similar to our first development. Its all up in the air but...
  15. B

    Villa, detached, 3 bedrooms, top quality build

    Villa, detached, 3 bedrooms, plus FREE car, Fiat Albea! *** Plus FREE car - silver Fiat Albea, 3 years old, immaculate! - all taxes up-to-date ***Are you looking for a centrally-heated home you can live in, year-round, in the Gunlukbasi/Calis area? Sadly, we have to sell our 3 double bedroomed...
  16. ceemac

    Turkey to Build Own Search Engine

    Turkish engineers are working on developing an internet search engine and aiming to launch it in 2010, the head of the country's telecommunications watchdog said on Saturday. Article here C
  17. val2661

    Tax on new build - am i being fleeced??

    Please can anyone help me? I bought land ın 2007 to have a vılla buılt on ıt. The vılla ıs now almost complete and I keep pushıng the buılder for my paperwork so I can get my ISKAN and electrıcıty meter put ın. He has now ınformed me that nothıng can be done untıl I pay the government 4658...
  18. L

    Gardening Tips - How to Build and Maintain A Garden

    5 Rose Garden Ideas If you are like me and have been scared away from growing roses because you believed they were hard to grow, it’s time to put away your incorrect conception. Roses are amazingly easy to grow and care for. They are far from being the picky, pest-infested plants that they are...
  19. T

    Build or buy?

    We were thinking of buyng property (3 bed villa) but having looked at the prices in Marmaris and surrounding areas we are wondering if it would be more economical to build. Grateful for any advice.
  20. P

    Would anyone build?

    With the combined wisdom of all the forum members, I wonder if anyone would, or indeed has, built a home from scratch in Turkey? I mean, buy the land, get the plans drawn and passed, breaking ground to topping out. We've done major builds in GB e.g. turning a large bungalow into an even bigger...
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