1. pineapple1

    Supermarket Chicken Bugs

    Is nothing safe to heat these days ? Or are people not cooking thier food at to low a tempreture .. I always wash a chicken and clean the insides out and hold it so the water runs through it .. I Don't buy ready cooked chicken .. Never let any other meat nr it and scrub my hands .. What...
  2. ceemac

    Turkey scores highest for tummy bugs abroad

    I've never had an upset stomach from eating anything in Turkey yet.... 'ONE Group, the UK’s leading independent travel claims and assistance provider, has revealed that Turkey had the highest prevalence of gastroenteritis claims last year. This was followed by Egypt, the Dominican Republic...
  3. carolk

    Bugs creepy crawlies and jumping spiders

    Does anyone know how to rid the house of these things, is there something you can get and where from please? I have tired all the sprays but the last straw is a massive spider with legs over an inch and a half long, it has a big grey body!!! HELP!! :thanks:
  4. newhorizon

    Bed bugs -what to do? from new mattress bed

    Not sure where to post this, so after doing a 'search' I couldn't find anything on this forum, so am posting in this sub-forum as it covers Furniture and maintenance issues. I have bought an off plan property and went to view it recently as it was almost completed. I'd ordered furniture thru'...
  5. chesney

    Bed Bugs

    After watching television with the family I was feeling rather tired lol and wanted to go to bed, so off I trundle to my apartment. Got the dog in gave her a buscuit, brushed my teeth etc (really dont know why I'm telling you all this), made the bed and got in. I was just falling asleep when I...
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