1. A

    Brusandra friends

    Thought I would let you know that Bruce had organised a suprise birthday party for Sandra last night. She thought that she was going for fish and chips!! To see her face was a picture. After she had stopped shaking she was able to open her cards and presents. Everyone had a great night (and a...
  2. Pennie

    Operation Brusandra

    Hello peeps, just thought I'd let you all know that a bloody fantastic night was had by us all last night on the occasion of Sandra and Bruce's ruby wedding anniversary. We had flowers from Mushtaq and co and chocolate cake from Ahmet from the Chill Out room who also decorated the bar for us...
  3. J


    Hi peeps, just thought you'd like to know, was talking to San earlier on today. Just happened to go into the chatroom and she was on-line. Said she was feeling great and healing up nicely. Loving being over in Turkey. Said everything is stress free. She was on a computer in a local hotel and...
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