1. T

    tor browser working?

    Hi friends. My tor browser is not working. I deleted it and then downloaded again. Also, www links to tor is not opening. for example: IS YOUR TOR WORKING? Thanks
  2. Yalides

    Safari Browser

    Don`t like Edge yet, a bit bored with Firefox and Pale Moon so I am giving Safari a go. Seems a bit basic but faster than the other two. Anyone else been using it for a while and have any tips ?
  3. bickern

    Skype with ANYONE using a browser

    Trying to explain to a relative how to install Skype before you can call them can be a painful process, but Skype has a solution. It has introduced Skype Links that let you make video and voice calls with friends and relatives even if they don't have an account. The link has to be generated...
  4. A

    Pale Moon web browser

    I was very disappointed when the new Firefox Australis (version 29 and later) interface suddenly replaced my nicely set up Firefox browser on my recently installed and highly customised new operating system. I could no longer have buttons where I wanted and the sub menus just totally did not...
  5. christella

    Recommended Internet browser for Windows 7?

    There are so many browsers now What do you recommend for win 7
  6. M


    Recently, I was given a link that I was told to "copy and paste into my browser". Yeah right - how do I do this? I know how to copy, but what is my browser, where is it and how do I paste into it? This is like asking me to service my car! Maisie
  7. S

    Long time browser

    Hi, long time browser but always too busy to contribute. More time on my hands now so here goes . . .
  8. bickern

    Microsoft’s new web browser IE9

    Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9 Microsoft’s new web browser, IE9, is its most ambitious yet, as the company bids to take on Google Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft has launched the first public beta of its new Internet Explorer browser, IE9. The company claims that the...
  9. Martyn

    What browser do you use?

    I'm interested in what browsers people use and are they aware of some of the other browsers to Internet Explorer? I use Firefox with loads of plugins, there are just so many. Anyway a poll above with the most common options.
  10. shirleyanntr

    which is the best browser

    ive been using mozilla firefox browser for some time..but had a look at Opera..and its got some addictive 'widgets' must have been designed by Andy Chapman..or for him. Anybody got any other ideas about best browsers
  11. L

    New web Browser- No history

    Saw on the news today about this new web browser, which leaves no trail of your history, unlike google, which is commonly used, maybe worth a look or at least a try It is still in its beta stages at the moment, but more info and the download is HERE
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