1. bickern

    Capital punishment to soon be brought to parliament

    If it happened, bang would go Turkey joining the EU. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Turkey’s parliament cannot stay indifferent to the “public demand” for the death penalty, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, reiterating that he would approve the bill...
  2. suzyq

    49 Turkish hostages released by ISIL, brought to Turkey

    Forty-nine employees of Turkish Consulate in Mosul, who were abducted by militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) on June 11, were released and brought to Turkey early Sept. 20. Mosul Consul General Öztürk Yılmaz, employees of the consulate and their family members were received...
  3. hijo

    our cat brought us in a present ,

    ...... measures about 4 inches ......
  4. B

    Search Engines brought into line.

    BBC News - Google and Microsoft agree measures to block abuse images This should have happened a long time ago, if possible all internet sites should be blocking this kind of perversion. Bill.
  5. D

    duty on car parts brought in from abroad

    İ was wondering if anyone has experience of the costs and difficulties of bringing in new motor parts for my car--its a classic car and what i require can only be bought abroad(USA or UK)- it would be postal sized parcels.
  6. ceemac

    Turkish Army Brought To Heel?

    A few days ago the Turkish parliament introduced a law that made it possible to prosecute military personnel in a civilian court for crimes committed during peacetime (which would include plotting against the government) This comes following a plot to overthrow the AKP government and the Gulen...
  7. S

    What brought you to Turkey?!

    Hi! Im new to the forum and id love to know why we are all here....what made everyone fall in love with Turkey? The people, the country, the culture or everything?? Do you live in turkey, have a holiday home there or just a regular visitor? I dont live in Turkey yet, maybe one day i will...
  8. B

    brought tears of laughter to my eyes...

    june 1 news,a bit late and probably andy chapman has posted this.... :) German impaled on plunger A German almost died after using a sink plunger as a bath plug and impaling himself after slipping on a bar of soap. Dieter Bayer, 79, who moved to Switzerland with his wife Frieda after he...
  9. S

    Anyone brought a vehicle with them ??

    I have quite a lot of things to bring over, I am looking to possibly buy a left hand drive and transport everything in the vehicle.........has anyone done this .........does anyone have the exact details of how to go about it.......I await your flow of knowledge.......... :ballchain
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