1. A

    Broken street light

    We have a number of street lights in our area that are broken. As silly as it sounds is there a way to inform the council (Ortaca) that they are no longer working. Our area is pitch black because of this. Thanks
  2. L

    Broken CD Player

    We are in Mavisehir and our Panasonic CD Player has stopped working, does anyone know of an electrical repair shop around Altinkum/Didim who could fix it for us, many thanks Sharon
  3. Andywebb

    Link Broken

    It's been ages since I was last on, let alone post. Can someone tell me if the Egyptian Living Forum is still running? I keep getting a broken link. I am off to Sharm in the New Year, like Turkey the Russians have all gone off, more food for me at the All Inclusive resort :504xn:
  4. N

    broken solar panel tube.

    Ive just returned to my villa for the first time this year to find that one of the solar panel tubes has smashed allowing the water to flood out of it. There is no obvious reason as to why. Is this a common occurance. The system is just two years old.
  5. B

    Paedophile group broken and found guilty.

    'Vile and depraved' UK gang raped and abused babies - BBC News Another group of these animals who should be taken out of circulation, for a long time I hope. Bill.
  6. B

    Sad Death of a broken father.

    BBC News - Sarah Payne's father Michael found dead at Kent home The repercussions of this terrible crime are still being felt. Bill.
  7. Spurs

    Die from a broken heart?

    My wife & I spoke about this a couple of years back. She reckons if anything happened to her I would last a week. I reckon about three days top end!! BBC News - Can you die from a broken heart?
  8. Sunny Seasider

    Link broken message?

    Is anyone else experiencing problems when posting a reply to a thread, I keep getting the 404 message "oops this link appears to be broken" I come out and come back in and all is ok, it's frustrating me.
  9. L

    broken foot !

    we had a great holiday in altinkum once again,but on the way to catch the bus i fell down the apartment stairs and broke my foot ! so was in agony all the way home,and because i flew home i developed DVT,so my advice to anyone is never fly with broken bones lol ! wish i was still in tinky :(:frown:
  10. pepperkat

    How do you mend broken hearts?

    I am at a loss as to what to do. We have found my youngest son dead today. It has devastated the whole family, Ann is bereft, my two grandaughters are in pieces as they have lost thier dad ( after losing thier mother to cancer two years ago) I have to man up and hold them together, but I am at a...
  11. C

    Broken down

    Driving towards Kizilyaka today there is a long upwards hill, halfway up was someone pushing a motorbike, it was a motorbike policeman pushing a 300kg BMW . As BMW's don't normally break down I assume he had run out of fuel. The road was quite busy and not one motorist stopped, me included...
  12. Yogi

    Broken Leg - NHS

    Just wanted to give my experiences of the NHS after a recent experience I have had/am still having with them. On 14/12 I fell over on the pavement outside my house (I was stone cold sober honest!) and broke my kneecap in 3 places and my Fibula (Shin bone) near where it joins the knee. This was...
  13. tamus

    Apartment Broken Into

    Just heard this evening that my apartment has been broken into, Hunters Valley near the Tesco supermarket. Bit of a bummer this. It seems that nothing has been taken although how that was assessed I don't know. I have been advised that the door and lock have been wrecked and need to be...
  14. arrian

    dog dies of broken heart

    Bomb-sniffing Army dog dies of broken heart after Taliban kill his master | Mail Online
  15. millilove76

    A broken foot!

    For the last few weeks i have had a bit of trouble walking, i slipped on the balcony and banged my foot on the metal rail. Since then my hurting foot has been a magnet for everything. The kids have ridden their bikes over it, i dropped a pan out of the cuboard it fell on it and my youngest son...
  16. pineapple1

    A Broken Hip !!!!

    I would just to imform everyone that one of our newer members GAMURET .has had a fall and umfortunatly broken his hip , Poor fellow phoned me while laying on the floor awaiting help !! I believe he had his operation yesterday , he as osteo pororsis { excuse spelling } He then phoned his...
  17. tallulah


    You said you would always love me I was all you’d ever need. And I was more than happy To follow where you lead. That you would always be there In whatever way I’d need Your arms were like a haven Where I felt safe from harm. Now all is broken, and you gone. And I am all alone Confused not...
  18. S

    flying with a broken ankle

    Hi does anyone know if you can fly from Birmingham to Bodrum with a broken ankle whilst on crutches? Thanks
  19. F

    Broken Dishwasher

    Hiya, can anyone help with some advice on my 1 1/2 year old Beko dishwasher? I opened the door while it was still on its drain cycle and now it wont do anything else but drain and the dial doesnt auto turn. I have tried manually advancing the dial to "stop" but it doesnt change the programme...
  20. steve

    broken solar panels

    hiya everyone, just to let you all know, when we went over last week we found we had no hot water . on close inspection on the roof, our solar panels had blown !!! we can't complain though because the agency we bought off last year replaced the whole system at no cost to ourselves. just a...
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