1. onz

    Thief's broke in to apartment

    Its happened again went out this evening at 18.30 to mavisher for family meal at ylayda restaurant returned 21.15 the whole apartment ripped apart......we are on the 3rd floor and they came up over the balcony .......only money taken by the look of it .....police been and finger printed every...
  2. Tommie

    Has the US gone broke??

    We have all heard about PIIGS We have heard about Greece. THe UK has drastically cut it's spending. Who will (or can afford) to bail out the US. Republicans refuse to increase taxes. Democrats refuse to cut social programs. Is this the end of the US? Mind you, it's not their fault...
  3. pineapple1

    SS computors broke !!!

    Just to let fellow Golden Girls and thier fans know sunny seasider as a computor problem at the moment , something to do with its hard drive , may be fixed by tomorrow ....I hope cos i'm missing her cheery posts , lets hope its fixed soon ...............Diane
  4. PASH

    You Broke My Guitar!

    A Canadian country western singer who flew United Airlines and watched in horror as they broke his guitar while throwing it on the tarmac. Its had over 3,000,000. hits so far and the share price of United Airlines has plunged 180 points - Power of the web! YouTube - United Breaks Guitars
  5. R

    Cagkent Sitesi broke

    :frown: I have just been informed by permanent residents ,that the securiy is now non existent as the security guy has not been paid for a while and not surprisingly has left. The sitesi electric has been cut off due to non payment.Debts are over 2000 sterling. All baskans are off the...
  6. D

    It Broke My Heart ......

    Good Morning Everyone. I have a little story to tell. My friend, Brenda has a neighbour who owns a dog that is the sister of her dog. The dog is called Boncuk. She is a 7 month old mixed breed. The owners of Boncuk were very neglectful of this poor dog. A while ago before Brenda got her...
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