1. O

    Broadband through landline at Turquoise

    Has anybody who is staying at Turquoise having issues with broadband through landline at the moment?
  2. I

    Broadband Router/Modems speed problems

    I watch uk live tv on filmon but it keeps sticking. I updated my internet with ttnet to no limit internet & got the faster speed but it still will not run properly. Just wondering if my modem could be a factor as it is an old modem roughly 10 yrs old (airties 125). Not being technically gifted I...
  3. T

    UK streets with best & worst broadband speeds

    Thought some people might be interested in this. On the news tonight they mentioned that this might even affect house prices. Britain's best and worst streets for broadband speed revealed | This is Money Which how to complain and campaign against slow broadband How to complain about your...
  4. Billy Joe

    UK Broadband provider

    I have been looking at the latest broadband deals available on "Money saving" and it would appear Sky are offering the best deal,which works out at £240 a year for line rental and unlimited broadband and you get a £100 M&S voucher.Any feedback on Sky broadband would be appreciated.
  5. T

    best fibre optic broadband in UK?

    I realise that topics like this have been covered, but things change and some TLF members have also changed their mind about how happy/unhappy they are with their internet provider. I am looking for a good fibre optic telephone package. Can anyone give me any recommendations and tell me if they...
  6. S

    Virgin Broadband

    Does anyone have Virgin Broadband at home? I am with Sky Fibre but am tempted to switch to Virgin. Even if you get only half their advertised max speed 156 it would still be twice the speed of Sky Fibre
  7. G

    broadband connection

    Hi everyone can anyone help with this problem, how can we get an internet connection on an ipad when we come over to our house during the holidays not withstanding the wfi of restaurants,bars & hotels.
  8. M

    poor broadband service

    Having had a poor service from TTnet has anyone used Dsmart. If so, do they use the same exchange/equipment that TTnet use. I just want the internet service which is available at a similar price to TTnet. If they use the same equipment I would not be any better off. (In the UK, Sky etc used the...
  9. S

    UK television and unlimited broadband in Turkey

    Can anyone tell me the best way to watch UK tv, basic channels, I'm not into sport or movies, just BBC, ITV, Channels. 4&5. Also can anyone tell me the best broadband package for unlimited use Many thanks Sue
  10. M

    wireless broadband

    hello everybody, question for anybody who can help me, i'm thinking about getting broadband internet for our new villa, has anybody got any idea of price i'm likely to be paying per month and how much i'll pay locally for buying a decent 300mbps wireless router. Thanks for any advise given
  11. M

    broadband access in mahmutlar

    I want to install broadband in my apartment in Mahmutler. Ideally I want to have the connection available only when I am present in my apartment. (i.e. when I am on holiday , perhaps twice a year for a few weeks) Anybody recommend a connection company (website or email address) so I an...
  12. the bueman

    Broadband Via Satellite

    Anyone know if Satellite broadband would work to give full WiFi coverage on our complex, perhaps one or more installed and positioned to give full WiFi coverage, we have 660 properties spread over a 1/2 mile radius. Our cabling is not adequate and would need upgrading at a cost of 60,000 Lira...
  13. S

    Broadband routers in Turkey

    Hi, we are moving out to Ovacik at the end of May and are trying to sort out a few last minute things. We intend having a phone line installed for calls/broadband and have already established that our wireless router will not work as it is specific to BT. Is it better to buy a new router and...
  14. N

    Broadband Access

    Hi, We have just bought a new build apartment in Ovacik which will be ready in June. I want to ensure it has braodband internet access as I plan to work from it occasionally but am not sure who can offer broadband access (not via a dongle) for a reasonable monthly cost. I think this would be...
  15. Rosemary1234

    Primus Broadband Package

    Have been looking at Primus Broadband and home phone package, cost as follows £2.99 broadband and extra £12.99 line rental per month this includes the usual free phone calls evenings/weekend has anyone used or know of anyone who is using Primus. Thanks in advance.
  16. Graham7

    UNLOCKED 3 Mobile Broadband Modem USB Dongle ZTE MF112

    Hi My dad as got the internet and at the moment he connects by ExpressCard slot the sim (Turkcell) is register. My Dad want to connect by USB so he can us it all so on his PC and as back up in case the laptop stop working. I have got him a UNLOCKED 3 Mobile Broadband Modem USB Dongle ZTE...
  17. O

    Can we fit Broadband?

    Hi Everyone, We've had an apartment in Dalyan for a number of years and have now 'upgraded' to a villa. We'd like to fit Broadband at the villa, but we've been led to believe that to get a telephone line installed, one needs to be a Turkish Resident? Just wondering if this is indeed the case...
  18. M

    Mobile Broadband

    Hi, we go to our appartment about 4 times a year and really could do without having to walk to a bar to get internet access. Could anyone please recommend any possible solutions????
  19. R

    Mobile Broadband

    I have an unlocked dongle, are mobile broadband payg sims available and is there a 3g signal in Koycegiz
  20. S

    BT Infinity Broadband

    Has anyone got this fibre optic bband service? Was thinking of changing to it and was wondering is it reliable and is there any real diff from normal broadband
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