1. yalimart

    Brits Abroad. From Liverpool but apparently an Irish travelling family, in a hotel room next to you. Martin
  2. bal canavar

    Child slavery: Rich Brits buying children who survived the Nepalese earthquake for £5

    Child slavery: Rich Brits buying children who survived the Nepalese earthquake for £5,000 April 4, 2016 Children left devastated by the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 have been preyed upon by slave traders Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters Wealthy British families are buying children left...
  3. mollag

    brits ejected

    95 % of Brit Expats Sent Back to UK for Failing Language Test  The biggest movement of migrants since the Second World War began today, as countries across the world demanded UK expats had to speak the language of their chosen country, or they had to leave…and most failed. Foreign officials...
  4. teosgirl

    9 Brits deported back to Britain after trying to enter Syria

    Pictured: The British children who were detained along with five adults on the Turkish border after trying to cross into Syria to join ISIS  | Daily Mail Online This is the kind of news which leads people to vote UKIP. I wish they'd got what they wanted, they should have been let into...
  5. yalimart

    Most Hated Countries by Brits

    Im sure a few of them hate us as well. Which countries do British people like (and dislike) the most revealed by Chatham House poll | Metro News Martin
  6. bal canavar

    Should Brits be Angry ??

    Most people may remember the Harrowing photographs of the British Consul bombings of 2003 in Istanbul . The bombs were contained in four trucks and caused devastating blasts which included along with the Consul, 2 synagogues and the HSBC building , in all they killed 57 and injured 700...
  7. W

    Do the turks not like the brits

    I have just arrived in Turkey having done the road route from Scotland thru Germany, Austria , Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia , Bulgaria and into Turkey. From Hungary onwards none of the border controls werea bag of laughs but the Turks take the biscuit for being absolutely disparaging, rude...
  8. Kingfisher

    3 Brits to be deported - truth or fiction?

    Didim Voices newspaper claims to have heard from different sources that 3 illegal British workers are to be deported from Turkey. Brit trio kicked out of Turkey It seems to me that the authorities are being particularly lenient in giving 15 days notice to the illegals; does anyone know if this...
  9. beyazbayan

    Brits Retiring abroad

    Weak pound and high cost of living: Why retiring abroad is now branded 'a luxury' with some popular destinations even pricier than the UK •Living abroad 'no longer an option for average Briton' say experts •France and Cyprus both almost as expensive at the UK •Canada and New Zealand living...
  10. suzyq

    Brits attracted by sunshine, affordable property in Didim

    What made thousands of English people settle in a not-so-special town in the Aegean? This is the question one might wonder on the way to Didim, which has never been as glamorous as nearby Bodrum or Marmaris in the eyes of Turks. "I care about the tip I get," said the driver from the eastern city...
  11. suzyq

    Brits behaving badly abroad: 5,400 tourists arrested in a year

    One British holidaymaker is arrested every two hours as they travel abroad in search of cheap drink and sun. More than 5,400 were detained by police overseas last year, including 653 held in connection with drug offences. Ministers issued a stark warning to Brits that they risk ‘throwing years...
  12. niyaz


    How many Brits have converted to Islam this year on this forum. Hands up please so I can see. :ukflag:
  13. W

    BBC: Turkey booms - but where are the Brits?

    BBC News - Turkey booms - but where are the Brits?
  14. shirleyanntr

    Brits problems with language barrier

    ive pasted and slightly edited this paper the links to the full article are at the bottom of my post ..ive come across a few people in this area recently who are having major problems as things had not been explained properly and they had no Turkish...and Turkish people in business whose English...
  15. Y

    Brits show the way!

    Just watched open mouthed a news item (CNN) about golf clubs (the places not the tools) in the UK which have (and are permitted to have) a policy of no women. Not segregated facilities - literally no women. Apparently one of them had a sign outside saying 'No dogs .....No women' which has been...
  16. Yalides

    Brits abroad

    How 10 British tourists a day land in hospital at 'sun, sand and sex' hotspots | Mail Online Here you go FF. Have a great time on this thread.
  17. A

    any Brits selling up in Dalaman

    Hello, just a question about any Brits selling up and going back to the UK,we are looking to buy a small house, prefereably detatched, and with a car space,we would pay a lump sum paid in cash, if the house is in the right area of Dalaman, another idea is we have a 4 bedroom ,3 bathroom semi...
  18. O

    Less Brits

    Is it my imagination or are there less Brits than this time last year??
  19. T

    Brits in Bars

    We have a house in Turunc , we we are out at night and noticed that it is always the Brits that are in there. So take away the Brits closing time for some bars.
  20. Briand

    Stupid Brits

    Why is it the Brits copy the Turks when riding a scooter i don't know how many times i have seen Brits on a scooter with a couple of Young children How stupid is that to put a child's life on the line. The other day sat on the balcony a man on a scooter with two young children may be 4 or 5 and...
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