1. T

    British Airways

    Flight cancelled Sept Istanbul Gatwick.
  2. Camden

    Fethiye British woman and friend found dead

    Turkish businessman and British woman friend found dead in Fethiye The British woman who lived with the Turkish businessman in Fethiye district of Muğla was found stabbed to death in the villa. A wide-ranging investigation was launched to arrest the person and persons involved. Yaşar ANTER...
  3. bickern

    China's buyout of British Steel completed

    A Chinese firm completed its buyout of British Steel today, with an investment package pledge of £1.2 billion . Steelmaker Jingye Group revived the British business that was placed into compulsory liquidation last May. A statement from Jingye said it had completed the acquisition of British...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    British Justice

    Man rams two police cars, whilst off his head on drugs, when he is banned from driving and avoids jail. This is total madness. I wonder what he would get in Turkey. To my mind, anyone who is caught driving whilst banned should spent the rest of the ban in jail, automatically. Doris get your act...
  5. N

    British ambassador arrested

    It is patently clear that iranian regime sees UK as the weakest link and hence try to bully them into finding a way to save them from being toppled..hence the arresting of British marines in Iraq and ridiculing them by frog marching on camera for the whole world to see ,the attack on British...
  6. bickern

    Turkey - praised British judicial authorities

    Turkey on Sunday praised British judicial authorities for the recent arrest of the father of an accused YPG/PKK terrorist on charges of bankrolling terrorism. Hami Aksoy, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman, said Turkey welcomed the arrest of Paul Newey as well as the reasoning behind the...
  7. McB

    British Justice Guilty...?

    Political dissident, and investigative journalist, being imprisoned and tortured in Britain, in clear violation of his human rights (confirmed by the UN)... Perhaps the 21st Century's most important voice in the battle against state-sponsored terrorism and represssion since ‎Aleksandr...
  8. V

    New British Airways London Gatwick to Antalya direct route launched today

    I had totally missed this, but luckily for me my daughter told me about it tonight. British Airways have released direct flights from Gatwick to Antalya, starting on 30th April next year & going up until almost the end of September. Currently you can get return flights for just under £140. You...
  9. Camden

    Turkish Military may save British Steel

    The Turkish Military pension fund Ataer a subsidiary of Oyak, is the favorite, to be the savior of British Steel, and save 4,000 British jobs .... of course with a £300 million incentive thrown from the UK money tree... The good thing apart from the saving of 4000 jobs is Ataer want to...
  10. S

    Divorce - British - Turkish couple

    I have a question. I am British I married a Turkish citizens in Turkey everything was registered with the British consulate in Izmir so I assume we we're also legally married in UK. We have just divorced in Turkey my question is am I also divorced in the UK or do we have to divorce there too.
  11. S

    British Tourists treated to a welcome Water Arch..

    British tourists who flew from the United Kingtom to Turkey’s popular Aegean holiday resort town of Bodrum on the first direct flight were welcomed at the airport with a water arch. Excellent!! Scheduled flights through the winter..??? Article Here
  12. S

    British man dies at Dalaman airport
  13. J

    Serving British Soldiers Arrested

    Neo-Nazi arrests: Serving British soldiers held over terror offences as alleged members of National Action | The Independent Sad, but sadly not surprised.
  14. bal canavar

    Göcek British FM

    British FM Boris Johnson 'secretly' arrives at Turkish resort in Göcek for family vacation British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and his family came to Turkey on holiday last week. Johnson, his wife, and his four children secretly landed at the Dalaman airport and arrived at the Turkish...
  15. IbrahimAbi

    Former British soldier arrested in Didim

    A former British soldier who fought against Isis in Syria alongside a Kurdish militia faces terrorism charges after being arrested in Turkey while on holiday with his girlfriend, The Independent has learned. Joe Robinson was detained at the resort of Didim, on the Aegean coast, with Mira...
  16. bickern

    British Muslims handed out 3000 red roses

    People walking on London Bridge today were given 3,000 red roses in a show of solidarity and love. The beautiful idea was arranged by British Muslims who wanted to do something to help after eight people died in a terror attack last weekend. Each rose carried ‘messages of love to the world’...
  17. Mushtaq

    Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration.

    Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration. What exactly is there to be proud of? Balfour initiated a policy of British support for Israel which continues to this very day, to the detriment of the occupied Palestinians of the West Bank and the five million...
  18. bickern

    British Ambassador Richard Moore Visit to Koycegiz.

    To all in Koycegiz, Dalyan, Ortaca, Fethiye, Marmaris, Icmeler and surrounding areas. On behalf of the Mugla Foreigners Association, Koycegiz Kaymakam and Belediye Baskan, you are invited to join us on the 21st April, 13:00hrs at the Koycegiz Culture Centre to welcome the British Ambassador...
  19. Mushtaq

    British couple arrested following marina fire in southern Turkey's Marmaris

    British citizen who was arrested in connection with a fatal fire at a marina in the southwestern Turkish city of Marmaris has been remanded on homicide charges. A court in the Aegean province of Muğla made the ruling Tuesday. British nationals, Billy C., 34, and Rosie P.G., 24, were arrested...
  20. ted j

    British summer time

    Just got off face time with our family in the UK It is SOOO much easier with just the 2 hours time difference Can anybody give a proper reason why the stubborn UK won't ditch the "put clocks back-put them forward again " rubbish? One of the arguments was that kids would be going to school in...
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