1. I

    Bringing pet cat to Turkey (through Antalya Airport)

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the forum. Moving to Antalya in a couple of weeks, I'm just wondering about bringing a pet cat into Turkey with me on our flight. I've read a lot of different things about this from various sources (airline websites, blogs, forums, etc), the latest on it on from...
  2. G

    Bringing my dogs to live in turkey

    Hi. Could anyone help with the process of transporting my 2 small dogs. I will be hoping to travel from Manchester airport to ataturk. Has anyone done this please. I am moving to turkey permanent to live. Many thanks.
  3. H

    Bringing tv to Turkey

    Getting conflicting answers about this so needing some advice. I bought myself a smart tv in November at a very good price and wanted to bring it with me when I move to Turkey. But I have been told I will have to pay import tax (although the shipper assures me I won't as it isn't brand new) So...
  4. H

    Bringing my dog into Turkey

    Can anyone recommend a company who does this? I rang one today in UK but they do not travel to Turkey so they suggested I go onto IATA site which I did , but they only list companies that fly to Istanbul . I want to fly direct Manchester to Dalaman as I want to be on the same flight as my pet...
  5. Kingfisher

    Bringing a car to Turkey

    As from 1st October, the limit of stay for a car brought in from abroad has now been changed from 6 months to 2 years. Gurbetçilere müjde: Yurtd???ndan getirilen özel araçlar, Türkiye'de 2 y?l kalabilecek - Gündem - T24
  6. I

    Bringing wedding dress on turkish airlines flight

    Hi all, I'm flying out to istanbul from uk to get married in a few weeks. Any suggestions how to carry my dress? It would fit in a cabin bag but I'm worried incase it creased too much. I tried to contact turkish airlines but the personal who deals with such queries is off until my wedding...
  7. Marirabbit

    A cheaper way to bringing your pets to Turkey

    Hi, I'd like to get peoples views on bringing pets into Turkey using Turkish Airlines. We are moving permanently to Bodrum in October so over the last couple of months have been searching for a way to transport over our two cocker spaniels. I've spoken to several airlines who told me that they...
  8. T

    bringing cat back to uk

    I know this has been mentioned but I want to check to make sue about things. I would like to get a cat when I visit Turkey in 2015. how do I get a passport for a cat? What documents do I need? What checks have to be done by a vet? Can I bring the cat in and out of Turkey with me? I want to buy a...
  9. B

    Bringing a German Fashion label to turkey

    Hi there, I am new here to this forum and was wondering if I could get some helpful tips regarding bringing a new Germany based Shoe Fashion label to turkey. little Info regarding my experience in Turkey so far.. I moved to Istanbul 3 years ago and was working up until a few month ago as a...
  10. D

    Bringing my cat to Turkey

    Hi Could anyone help me, I am planning on moving to Turkey mid-October, I have my cat's passport, microchip and he's had his rabies vacs. I have contacted a few pet transport companies and the prices vary from £500-£1,200, my question is, do I really need to use a company, one of the...
  11. S

    Anyone had problems bringing alcohol through Dalaman

    Hi everyone, I am coming with friends in July on holiday from UK. I've been asked by a few people if I can bring them over a bottle of whiskey and other spirits. I've always done this before and never had a problem. Someone told me that the security a Dalaman are confiscating alcohol if...
  12. S

    Bringing a safe to Turkey

    I would like to bring a small safe (passport, small valuables size) for my villa on my next visit. Planning to bring it in luggage, just wondered if anyone has done this and whether there were any problems. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  13. A

    Current Ruling on bringing in a Car from the UK

    Hi, I am considering driving across to Turkey for a long stay. Does anyone know the current position on bringing a UK registered vehicle into Turkey, i.e. How long can it remain in the Country, can I drive back to the UK and return to Turkey again.
  14. D

    Resident bringing a car to Turkey

    I'm sure this question has been answered before but I can't find the answer. My wife is returning to Turkey after being in the UK for 3 months. Can she bring a car in for 6 months, or is there a rule that because she has been in Turkey for the previous 9 months prior to coming back she won't be...
  15. S

    bringing "dangerous dogs" to Turkey

    Several years ago, the Turkish government created a list of dangerous dogs that could not be brought to Turkey, including pets. Does anyone know where I can find out if those restrictions still exist, and a current listing of breeds on it. I haven't been able to find anything specific on the...
  16. christella

    bringing fruit from Turkey?

    are we allowed to bring back pomegranates back to England in our suit case as we have a lovely tree in our garden
  17. S

    bringing parrots to Turkey

    Has anyone had an experience in bringing birds to Turkey? Have a friend who would like to spend 4-5 months here each year, and would want to bring her 2 parrots (and dog as well, but info available about that already) with her for the length of the stay. Did you bring them over by car or plane...
  18. S

    Pets - Bringing one from the UK

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone has brought their pets from the EU or the UK? I have a dog I would like to bring with me. We're getting her a PET passport this week but I haven't been able to figure out if this is enough to bring it into Turkey.
  19. B

    moving to turkey - bringing over the counter medication!

    Hi I am looking to move to turkey and would like to know if I can buy the tablets I take over the counter (prednisolone and azathioprine) if not how do I go about getting it and what is the cost? Would a letter and copy of my perscription from the UK be enough? Thanks in advance for your advice
  20. T

    Bringing your UK vehicle into Turkey. The facts

    Of all the questions asked by those who come to settle here in Turkey, this is the one that crops up with the most frequency, often in internet forums and in my own case personally and on an almost daily basis This is simply because I happen to have kept my trusty old UK transport here with me...
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