1. bickern

    Bring it back!

    Corporal Punshment - Leeds Education Policy 1906 - Schools in the 60s were much more brutal than this policy. It was 1 stroke of the cane for being late for a couple of years. On Friday morning's assembly there were a queue of offenders waiting to receive six strokes in front of all the school.
  2. K

    French to bring back National Service

    President Macron is keeping one of his election promises.
  3. J

    Relocating- What's Expensive in Turkey, what would you bring?

    Hi, I'm moving from the UK to Ankara in June with my wife and 2 boys (2&3) for a 4 year work placement. I'll be getting a house somewhere just outside the city and most are unfurnished so I get an allowance for new stuff. I can also take 400kg of goods/luggage with me, so I'm wondering what to...
  4. M

    Bring furniture and personal effects from the UK

    hi, Does anyone have any experiences of bring furniture, electrical goods etc and the likes from the particular I hear that you can get charge a lot of import tax once your goods arrive from the UK
  5. Mushtaq

    Can a hidden underwater city bring tourists back to Turkey?

    Off the coast of the Turkish city of Antalya lies the small uninhabited island of Kekova. It’s a beautiful and tranquil place, with water a jewelled shade of blue. It’s also fragrant, as “Kekova” derives from the Turkish word for thyme. But the island is perhaps best known for its curious...
  6. S

    Bring back Teletext

    With the plethora of access to live games, score updates etc through the net, streaming, satellite etc I was just thinking back to the old days of being in the bar on a Sat afternoon and the pub tv would be set on teletext for the fball scores. In Ireland we fondly remember Aertel, RTEs...
  7. D

    is it legal to bring second hand car parts in for personal use?

    İ am getting conflicting opinions on this subject and am looking for advice here.. what i want to do is buy a set of second hand wheels in the uk and bring them in on the service that runs to the uk to turkey...i am no dealer it is for personal use...İ can't imagine why it is illegal but i have...
  8. mollag

    Bring me the head,

    Of Nigel Farage' Seems old Nige's assassination story has ~"diminished" as his car model is prone to wheel loosening, then again Ukip's wheels are non too secure either. No day of the jackal for Mr Farage then. Have wheels fallen off Farage 'assassination plot' story? | Politics | The Guardian
  9. E

    What kind of gift does one bring to a Turkish wedding?

    Been invited to a Turkish wedding but don't know what's considered a nice gift in such occasions. Suggestions would be appreciated...thanks.
  10. the bueman

    Petition to bring Water to Tuzla/Mugla/Milas sites

    Hi Guys Anyone with a property or residing in this region willing to sign our petition to bring mains water to our sites. TTHA have met with members of the AK party in Milas and they informed us that NOW is the right time to run a petition. With an election pending this will give greater...
  11. arrian

    Bring a plane down your street!

    this is from some time ago, but I think it still works. clever bit of trickery! British Airways - Bring a plane down your street
  12. K

    What to bring over

    Hi all, my sisters friend is lucky enough to be going to Yalikavak for whole of the summer holidays. She has asked if there is anything that she should bring in her suitcase that is expensive in Turkey but cheap in the UK. I have blown my brain trying to think of anything legal that she can take...
  13. Ian2006

    Bring Your PVR to Turkey :-)

    No not to tune it in :-) Last December I bought for £34.99 on eBay a Bush 500 GB digital recorder. If you don't look for HD boxes these are available in various makes for £20 to £50 - but I bought a "customer returned" one with a 3-month warranty. Throughout Christmas / Jan / Feb & March we...
  14. A

    Bring our Dogs to Turkey

    Hi Guys, We are new to this so hope this works, we have just bought an apartment between Milas and Bodrum ( near airport ) and moving forward we are wanting to spend the summer here. Does anyone know or have you bought your dog with you from the UK are you allowed to and any advice on this...
  15. C

    bring back national service

    with crime on the rise, many repeat offenders and prison costing a reputed 93000 euro per person per week. [ireland] is it time to re-introduce national service as an alternative to prison. many people today show a lack of respect, for authority, for the public and for themselves. surely a...
  16. K

    I'd like to bring a phone for my daughter from Hongkong

    My daughter recently moved from Australia to study in Turkey. I'll be visiting her in November and would like to bring her a Samsung Galaxy S2 unlocked phone from Hongkong as a gift. I was wondering whether this phone is usable with Turkish Networks. I'd appreciate if you would give me...
  17. H

    Help needed bring a letter from UK

    Hi there, Is there anyone coming to Didim/Altinkum in the near future from the UK. My daughter in law is has tried to send me a letter but it got lost in the Turkish post. If she could post it to you in the UK , it would be great if someone could bring it over. Letter would be sent to you...
  18. M

    can i bring rabbit to turkey ???

    hi guys . my mum lives in turkey and i am planning on moving out also. my mum took her 4 cats over with her. i am wondering can you take rabbits ? i really want to take my rabbit but can find no info on it. i know you can take cats,dogs,fish but what about rabbits? does anybody know if it is...
  19. yalimart

    bring it on !

    Well I'm ready for the new season, confident of winning our crown back and giving Europe better than we did last season. Our season tickets have arrived today, its a good feeling ! you got yours yet ? Martin
  20. Valian

    BRING & BUY/JUMBLE SALE - SUNDAY 20th MAY 2012 - 10.30AM

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