1. S

    Chinese thieves brick problem!!!!!
  2. kemerkid

    Another brick in the wall.

    Yesterday afternoon I was having trouble viewing the Hurriyet Daily News. Every attempt was followed by an error message. Being Turkey I didn't take too much notice. Today however I find that I can get into the paper but not navigate it properly ie. I click on a front page story and end up...
  3. L

    Brick Primer.

    Is there such a thing as a primer for brick before applying outdoor paint,after having rubbed down.This being due to large patches of the paint having come off due to weather and ageing.
  4. O

    Brick Acid

    Does anyone know where I can get some brick acid to clean up my Patio as bleach will not remove the mess left by the builders.:39:
  5. S

    Brick fitted BBQ

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer in Turkey. Has anyone got a brick built BBQ on their balcony. We would actually like one built and fitted (we are on the top floor) but dont know how to go about getting this done. Does anyone know where you get them from...
  6. lorraine

    Fethiye brick makers?

    The brickmakers and I dont mean the local pub!! When you see a villa or apartment being built take timeout to think about the one man that makes the bricks. Not far from our house is the yard of the concrete brick maker, it still amazes me when I stand and watch this man making hundreds of...
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