1. B

    Glenda & Brian are in Yalikavak tonight

    It's Glenda's Birthday today, and if anyone wants to meet up with them both for a drink or a chat or a meal, or all three, here is the plan: Anchor Bar 7pm ish for a drink or just a chat Sofi's for meal on the sea terrace (weather permitting). If you want to join us for the meal your welcome...
  2. TNT123

    Brian Woolnough has died

    Renowned sports journalist Brian Woolnough has died at the age of 63 after a short battle with cancer.Very sad news.Didnt always agree with his opinions but a learned sports writer al the same.Thoughts are with his wife and children. Trev
  3. giglets

    Bad Luck Brian

  4. ted j

    Brian Ferry Marries again

    Brian Ferry (66) has married a young girl (29) Sorry but originally , I had a lot of time for him (seeing how I thoght he was Blind) But after the debauckle with his son and then this, that's just disgusting. It's like me Marrying my daughter !! Bryan Ferry, 66, marries Amanda Sheppard...
  5. juco

    RIP Brian Haw

    Peace campaigner Brian Haw has died after "a long hard fight" against lung cancer, his family has announced. Mr Haw, 62, set up a camp in London's Parliament Square in 2001 in protest against UK and US foreign policy. Full story..... BBC News - Parliament Square peace campaigner Brian Haw dies
  6. B

    Brian & Margaret

    Hi Everybody We are coming out in June and have just heard something about water metre's Can anyone expand on this subject? Brian & Margaret
  7. juco

    Brian Haw with suspected cancer.

    Like him or loathe him but he has shown how far `democracy` has suffered in the uk and the lengths they have gone to in order to `shut him up`both verbally and physically. Brian now has suspected lung cancer but I am sure he will be campaigning for as long as he is capable. : intro
  8. icebern09

    Prof Brian Cox.... on Jonathon Ross tonight. :blowkiss::blowkiss:
  9. V

    FAO: Brian and Jo

    Hi Trying to get in touch with you both regarding the Arfin Consultancy - we are in the exact same situation and would love to hear back from you - maybe we can exchange information? Please can you pm me your email address? (It wont let me post mine on here) Thanks Siobhan
  10. bickern

    What if Brian Clough were your office manager?

    In the football world, there are few who would dispute that Brian Clough was a managerial genius. But what if fate determined that he ended up in your office's logistics division? The film The Damned United, released this week, fictionalises the 44 days Brian Clough spent managing Leeds...
  11. C

    Brian Stoneman - the Birdman of Tuzla and Gulluk

    There may be some people who met Brian Stoneman, resident of Guvercinlik for 11 years, who died on Friday 16 January in Romford. He was a passionate birdwatcher and volunteer guardian of Tuzla and Gulluk wetlands, and contributed years of bird watching records that were used to upgrade the...
  12. B

    message from JEAN & BRIAN

    Hi everybody in or going over to dalaman in the next week or two , we are over on the 21st Dec for two weeks havent got a clue really on what clothing to take can anybody give us some ideas . were staying in hillside until the 4th Jan i keep looking at my empty case and stratching my head ...
  13. M

    Hi - I'm Janice & Hubby Brian

    Apt in Hunters Valley....Villa off Marina Road. Been with w.absolutleyaltinkum for 2 yrs or so. Found out about this site through 'voices' paper :eyeye:
  14. B

    Hi I am Brian

    Salam... everyone.. I am Brian..... I have always had a fasinication with Turkey and it's people.... I hope to find out lots of information about turkey.. culture.. history.. food.. etc... but most of all I hope to make turkish friends and friends from all over the world... Brian
  15. Gwen Muirhead

    Gwen & Brian

    Hello to everyone out there. We bought property in Altinkum in October 2003 and have enjoyed spending time in our house since then. We intend spending as much time as possible there in future and will eventually live there full time. (Daughter 17 and can't wait till she moves out) We only came...
  16. merlin

    Johnsons Pad - Brian!

    Welcome to Turkish Living Brian! Merv!
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