1. S

    Hello Brenda and Bruce

    Hope I am allowed to do this- tried to send message but it wont go!!!! Hope you have great 2012 and we can meet up next season. Jacqui
  2. perfect1949

    Brenda's and Mustis little boy Noah's Christening

    and it was Noah's first birthday as well congratulations from me . dave linsey and martin
  3. Gill

    Boxing Day special Brunch with Brenda and Musti

    I've heard that the usual Sunday brunch at Musti's is being replaced on Boxing day with an extra special Boxing Day celebration brunch, starting at 12noon going on till 4pm. Yummy!
  4. perfect1949

    happy birthday brenda from mustis

    happy 39 th birthday brenda have a great day xxx dave
  5. B

    MUSTI's Brenda has finally gone CRAZY

    A sign has gone up that says Musti's ''Crazy Brenda'' is re-starting her Karaoke night this coming Friday. Another sign says it's quiz night tonight..........cottage pie etc for 13TL.:clock:
  6. R

    thank you to brenda at mustis

    just got back england yesterday had a lovely week with my sis and 2 sonswanted to say thank you to brenda and musti for making dane really welcome as did every one else in yali he is going to bring his sponge in july then he can do a really good job washing your car we had a super night with...
  7. tomc1984

    Thanks Musti and Brenda

    Thanks to Musti, Brenda and everyone else involved. Had a good New Years Eve party there. Happy New Year to everyone in Yali, can't wait until Easter to come back, sadly off home tomorrow.
  8. E

    Thank You To Musti, Brenda And Ross !

    On Friday 29 August we were married in Musti's Restaurant in Yalikavak. The ceremony, attended by family members, friends and witnesses, was carried out on a terrace of the restaurant overlooking the sea. Later in the evening we held a party for over 100 guests with a delicious meal, wedding...
  9. B

    Hello from Brenda

    hi new member here to and not even sure if ive posted this right!!! like reading the forum tho its entertaining with info
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