1. P

    The Best Turkish Breakfast?

    Hi All, We hope to be in Yalikavak in 2 weeks time. Last year we enjoyed having our Turkisk Breahfast in Ceviz Agaci (run by Ahmet's "Anchor Bar" sister). However, prices seem to have skyrocketed so I am asking my fellow friends of Yalikavak to tell me where can my Wife and I find the best...
  2. Yildez Datca

    What did you have for breakfast this morning?

    The 'What did you have for dinner tonight' has been running since October 2009, and after a delicious breakfast on my balcony this morning I thought I'd start a similar thread! I had suzme yoghurt with local strawberrys and a banana, washed down with a strong cup of real coffee! Yum!
  3. yalimart

    Bristol Breakfast

    Now I like the odd full English every now and then but is this typical of what people from Bristol eat ? A bit skimpy with the chips I thought. The Monster Mega Challenge breakfast contains 8,000 calories and 59 items, so good luck with that | Metro News Martin
  4. arrian

    Christmas Breakfast

    I've been invited to my granddaughters for Christmas morning breakfast, and i'd like to take something different. we would usually have Bucks Fizz with maybe eggs and bacon or similar, and that might be what she is planning, but I don't know. so to take something completely unusual is what I am...
  5. R

    Charity Breakfast at Ulas

    Charity Breakfast at Ulas. Have you seen the best view in Alanya and been to the most beautiful beach here? Its all you will find in Ulas which is situated at the entrance of Alanya city near new Marina. Alanya International Club ( Mahmutlar Friends International) invites all its old and new...
  6. P

    New Breakfast Place. . Directions

    Re Babes123 thread . . . " Nice place for breakfast " There are actually two Kahvalti Evi along that road ( Kayacik Caddesi ) which do Kahvalti. The larger one in Babes thread and 100 metres Further up the hill another one called Asmali Cardak. Both on right as you go SSW up Kayacik Cd...
  7. B

    nice place for breakfast - Yalikavak

    I'm looking somewhere nice for breakfast on my 1st morning serving both turkish and english. I don't normally eat my breakfast out but on this one of occasion I wiill be there's 30 of us so would need a restaurant who could cater for us all
  8. G

    English Breakfast

    For those of you who may be interested, the two guys who now operate the Market/Cafe on Güm-San 1 (Emek & Sedal) are now offering English Breakfast comprising of :- Two Fried Eggs, Two Toast, Two Pork Sausages, Back Bacon, Fried Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Baked Beans, including either Nescafe, Turk...
  9. G

    Breakfast Networking Seminar

    As says on the Forum description, this is an event taking place in Istanbul. The company hosting are friends of mine so this is more a referral. "We are pleased to announce the organisation of the 2nd breakfast networking event in cooperation with Mazars/Denge on November 15th, 2012, at...
  10. Freedom 49

    Anyone for a full english breakfast?

    :hungry: As one that only has to breathe in going past a bakery to put weight on, I'll have to pass on this one! I'll stick to my home-made marmalade on wholemeal toast, keep things a little easier on my arteries. THE BIG FRIED BREAKFAST: COUNTING THE CALORIES ONE LARGE FRIED EGG: 100...
  11. M


    its a shame because i know if somebody opened a cafe that did english breakfast you would meet more english people over there , even have coffee afternoons and stuff and im only just turning 40 lol
  12. M

    Traditional Turkish breakfast

    Hi Can anybody recommend a restaurant in the Alanya area that serves a typical and traditional Turkish breakfast, and approximate cost. Thanks in advance.
  13. P

    Magi Beach Breakfast

    After mentions by Sunnyseasider and others, I have to give this place another plug. This place is on a small bay north of the main bay. It is within walking distance of Yalikavak village. We took friends who have tried Turkish breakfasts all over the place, and they , like us, think they...
  14. mafalda

    Breakfast in Istanbul

    Hello, I will be arriving in Istanbul tomorrow morning at 8:30 am and was wondering if anyone can recommend a great place for breakfast? Preferably within easy distance of the Kumkapi/Sultanahmet area as that is where we will be dropping of our luggage first (after a night flight)... Thanks...
  15. Dalaman Deli

    Dalaman - July Sunday Breakfast and Book Sale

    Following Rachel's thread about helping the Syrian children and families in the border camps I would like to organise another breakfast on Sunday 3rd July 11am, at the...
  16. Dalaman Deli

    Dalaman - June Sunday Breakfast & Book Sale

    Breakfast - Sunday 19th June 11am. Hopefully we won't get rained off this time! At the breakfast place in Şerefler again, to enjoy the views over the Dalaman plain down to the sea. Typical Turkish breakfast with tea or coffee - 7.50TL (normal price 10TL) I will be selling more books on...
  17. Dalaman Deli

    Dalaman - May Sunday Breakfast & Book Sale

    Breakfast - Sunday 29th May 11am. This time I thought we would go back to the breakfast place in Şerefler and enjoy the views over the Dalaman plain down to the sea. Typical Turkish breakfast with tea or coffee - 7.50TL I will again be selling books on behalf of the wee doggies of Dalaman...
  18. Briand

    Fancy a good Breakfast

    Went for a walk into Altinkum this morning and on the way back it started to rain so we decided to pop into the Lush Bar. Sat down and we both ordered a full English breakfast and two coffees staff really polite, when our breakfast came we was surprised how much we got compared to others we have...
  19. kaplumba

    Breakfast in Datca

    We like to go out for breakfast a couple of times during each visit to Datca and like to try different places. We have some favourites but wish to try some others. We like delicious food and beautiful surroundings. So which ones are your favourites and why?
  20. Dalaman Deli

    Sunday Breakfast in Dalaman, 24th April

    This month's breakfast will be at the Palmiye Restaurant on Sunday 24th April at 11am. :hungry: Turkish breakfast 10TL, which includes a great selection of of hot and cold items served with tea or coffee. Freshly squeezed fruit juice is available but not included in the price. Hoping to...
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