1. K

    break in in apartment

    hello all, I wonder if anyone can help, please? we have discovered that our apartment has had the locks changed and is using it for storage. clearly we want to rectify this matter asap. but there are a number of variables. we would be very grateful indeed for advice. this is a flat that was...
  2. Spurs

    Give us a break

    Just how desperate are people getting to have a dig a something...........grow up, buy the kids Easter Eggs & a few beers for yourself. Thats a Good Friday. Business - BBC News
  3. A

    Looking for a break

    hi I have 3 weeks left In Turkey with my wife and youngest daughter (12) I want to spend 1 or 2 nights in a differant part of Turkey. Does anyone want to put us up don,t mind paying if needed or I can return the Favour. We have a car so don,t mind if it is 8 hours away or 1 hour Next week or so...
  4. K

    What a break

    Just returned from a seventeen day break at Rimakent Sitesi Sevgi Plaji,Davutlar. I love this area as its a hidden gem from a lot of European tourists unless they are in one of the local all inclusive hotels.Alas all the Turks seem to know its beauty and soft sands lol. I dont think i have...
  5. Spurs

    Google break up?

    I'm no geek so don't shoot the messenger. Has the EU actually got the law/power to break up Google? Also can they enforce it? More to the point why would Google even consider it? After reading the piece my conclusion is: typical attitude of the EU, if something is doing good then drag it down...
  6. Spurs

    Euro/EU Break up?

    After reading this little gem, I wonder if the UK was aware of what was going on? I am assuming if Germany & Netherlands withdrew from the Euro, then the EU would have imploded. Is not the Euro an actual cornerstone of the EU? I would think by now the UK government is working on their possible...
  7. bickern

    The English city that wanted to 'break away' from the UK

    A very interesting read and photos. Loony left, now what ever happened to them. :ballchain:noidea: :rolleyes: :happy: :loco: Thirty years ago left-wingers in Liverpool, bitterly opposed to Margaret Thatcher, attempted to oppose central government and go their own way. It's not just the accent...
  8. H

    attempted break in Dalyan

    Be aware!!!!!Its coming to the end of the season!!! Woken this morning at around 5 am by strange sounds and discovered my downstairs bathroom window had been forced open the mosquito net had been placed carefully aside and entry had been achieved. Unfortunately for the burglar he knocked over...
  9. B

    Break up England????????

    BBC News - A Point of View: Taking England back to the Dark Ages Very interesting point of view, but I disagree with him so far as Europe is concerned. Bill.
  10. J

    Break Ins In Altinkum

    We were in bed at our Complex (Altan 2)last month and we were broken into. They came in through the Living Room window and stole 2 Bags containing our Passports, all our Cash, 2 Phones, a Camera, the Door Keys and my Wifes Watch. They also took a Laptop and Hard Drive. We were going home that...
  11. Yalides

    Break in

    Our English friends and neighbours had their house broken into in the early hours of the this morning. Our friend disturbed the intruder or intruders who fled taking only a handbag with small cash but credit cards and passports and leaving behind their knife they used to break in. The Jardarma...
  12. S

    Break in - Altinkum

    We were broken into on Tuesday in the Camlik Mah area. Our four dogs were in the house and did not stop the burglars entering. Thank God they were not hurt. They did not get much as most of our belongings are packed up ready to move. But they did take my Mums watch and my laptop. So if you are...
  13. M

    car break down service

    Thinking of buying a car and it set me thinking about breakdowns. Is there a breakdown service in Turkey and if so how much. If not is there a local garage in Marmaris that will come out to assist you
  14. D

    Line-Dancing. 2011 Xmas Break

    Hi Guys, Many thanks to you all for turning up today. We would like to Wish you All, a Very Merry Xmas, and a Very Happy, Healthy and Wealthy 2012. We will be having a Xmas Break for the next few weeks, as we are returning to the UK to see the family. But the classes will begin again in the New...
  15. tykatem

    Iran protesters break into UK embassy in Tehran

    Protesters in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have broken into the UK embassy compound during an anti-British demonstration, reports say. Militant students are said to have removed the British flag, burnt it and replaced it with the Iranian flag. They were also shown live on Iranian state TV...
  16. tykatem

    Commercial Break

    Any of you eagle-eyed members spotted a more inappropriately named product recently?? I'll start with these:- Australian version of Easy start maybe? Pete
  17. K

    apartment break in - Fethiye

    just been informed our apartment has been broken into flying out 2morrow to assess the damage , its been occupied since may and we only have left it empty for 1 week :-( its the tasyaker area so watch your security there , anyone know a good supplier of the grills for the windows was trying to...
  18. DRACEY

    Istanbul break

    This is an account of our trip to Istanbul in May. It may be of some use to anyone travelling to Istanbul as it has a few relevant details which could come in handy. An alternative City Break; The top ten City Breaks include European destinations such as Prague, Paris and...
  19. Pandora

    Do you need a break?

    Hello We are a retired professional couple who came to Turkey three years ago. We would like to see more of Turkey so if anyone needs to go back to the UK or go on holiday for 2/3 weeks or so we will look after your home and pets. We are trustworthy people and active grandparents of nine...
  20. L

    Mahmutlar,Alanya during Easter Break, What to do?

    Hi Everybody, As I wrote earlier we bought an apartment in Mahmutlar, Alanya last year. And finally,we booked our tickets to Turkey for Easter holidays. It will be our 1st holidays as a family.... and I really want to make it special for all. I imagine that there are will be few people on this...
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