1. immac

    Ezekiel Bread

    Ezekiel Bread. a.k.a. Sprouting Bread, Fılizlenmek Ekmek. Looking for a shop source in Fethiye. It seems to available in Istanbul, but I don't live in Istanbul. Ian
  2. bickern

    Quick Easy Recipes over Lockdown

    I have been making this for a while now and it really is simple. I know bread is cheap here and sold everywhere but you can't beat your own for satisfaction. ------------------------------------------ PEASANT BREAD Ingredients 4 cups (510 g | 1 lb. 2 oz) all-purpose flour* (BİM or A101...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Bread recipe

    You do not need to have all these ingredients, but this is our everyday bread. We always make our own.:- Whole meal Bread You will need:- • 1 tsp yeast • 2tsp salt (put on opposite side of mixer to yeast) • 2 tsp sugar • 100g of Wholewheat flour (kepekli unu) • 30g of Oat Germ (Yulaf kepeği)...
  4. yalimart

    Garlic Bread

    This morning after a few bubbles with our friend last night we agreed to log all our devices into various ticket outlets to try and get 4 tickets for next years Peter Kay tour, what a night mare I had 2 computers trying, the others tablets and phones if you managed to progress the tickets went...
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Three Flour Bread

    Whole meal bread You will need:- • 1 tsp yeast • 2tsp salt (put on opposite side of mixer to yeast) • 2 tsp sugar • 50g wheat germ • 50g Rye flour (Çavdar unu) • 100g of Wholewheat flour (kepekli unu) • 250g white flour • 280ml mixture of water and milk. • Soaked dried sundried tomatoes (about...
  6. B

    Gluten free bread

    Hi all Anyone know were you can by gluten free bread from in the nearby area Thanks x
  7. T

    Dark bread in turkey

    Hey guys, I love turkish food and feel very comfortable trying new stuff all the time. But I can't get myself to eat turkish white bread. So far I was not able to find any alternatives in any super market or local bakery (I'm mostly in Dalyan - Mugla) They sometimes sell those "not so white"...
  8. bickern

    Peasant bread

    On the subject of bread, brought up on the mozzie killer thread regarding yeast, I don't have a bread maker and this is the easiest recipe ever. A link to her blog plus she has videos. PEASANT BREAD Ingredients 4 cups (510 g | 1 lb. 2 oz) all-purpose flour* (do not use bleached all-purpose)...
  9. bodrumsjh

    Bread, Milk, Cheese and Beer?

    For a few years, when visiting Turkey, we have worked on the rough exchange rate of 2.5 Lira to the pound when calculating prices. During the last year, however the exchange rate has changed a lot and is currently hovering around 3.7 to the pound, a rise (or fall depending on your view) of...
  10. keny

    gluten free bread

    Does anyone knoe if local supermarkets sell gluten free bread or raps? Thanks if you can help
  11. J

    Price of a loaf of bread

    Hi there, does any one know if the price of a loaf has gone up in Didim? Our local shop is now selling one loaf for 1TL. As far as I'm aware it's still 75K in town. Can anyone advise?
  12. T

    Gluten free bread

    HELP URGENT!! does anyone know where I can buy gluten free bread etc. in or near Alanya
  13. culturevulture

    Ready steady cook bread maker....???

    I have a ready steady cook bread maker, but unfortunately the recipe book is back in Ireland. Does anyone have one and be willing to scan me the recipes or know where I can get them. I have tried "googling" it, but am having no luck. At the moment I am just guessing the ingredient amounts...
  14. keny

    Coeliac bread- bakers

    Are there any bakers in Altinkum that coeliacs have asked to bake gread/.rolls/buns by supplying gluten free flour/Thanks if you can help.
  15. immac

    Bread Flour Suggestions

    I have started making my own bread. After a little confusion about flour types I have had some moderate success, but still not sure I have the correct flour. Any recommendations on Turkish flour would be helpful. I am concentrating on yeast free bread at the moment but want to get round to the...
  16. Stargazer Lily

    Fat Free Bread Pudding

    For all you health conscious people out there, here is a recipe for a fat free bread pudding, I have cooked this many times now and it is very hard to tell the difference between one that has been made with lard or other fats. Ingredients: 1 loaf ( I use an ordinary ekmek, to make even...
  17. A

    The price of bread

    I did the daily bread collection this morning. The bread I have been buying at 50Kr. is now75Kr. Have I been asleep and missed something or has the price of bread increased?
  18. B

    Brand New British Sandwich shop with Hovis Bread !!

    NEWS FLASH..... I am pleased to announce that I am now the Co-Owner of Betty & Arthur's Lounge - Sandwich Bar & Takeaway in Armutalan. When I first starting repping in Marmaris 2 years ago I noticed a gap in the market. Looking after 6 hotels and no time to eat, all I really wanted was a...
  19. culturevulture

    Buttermilk and bread soda????

    Is it possible to get buttermilk and bread soda in Turkey? Specifically in Didim. I have seen baking powder but not bread soda. Could Ayran be substituted for Buttermilk? I know I can put lemon juice into ordinary milk to "turn" it, but it is not really the same. Help please. :hungry: Mary.
  20. kaplumba

    Village bread in Datca

    Here you are girls, this is how it's done! Dailymotion - Datça Furun Ekme?i - News & Politics Kanal?@@AMEPARAM@@ Oh to get the link you must click on the red strip at the top.
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