1. Tenpin

    Brawl erupts in Turkish parliament over Syria military action Fighting broke out in Turkey's parliament after an MP criticised President Erdogan over the country's military intervention in Syria. Engin Ozkoc, an opposition lawmaker, accused the...
  2. S

    Turkish Mps Brawl

    Blood and punches as new law passed BBC News - Turkish MPs pass judicial reforms amid brawl
  3. arrian

    Brawl in baby delivery room!!

    these doctors where more concerned over being right than the welfare of mother and baby!! Mother and baby fighting for life after doctors get into delivery room brawl | Mail Online
  4. B

    Brawl at Romanian rugby match

    BBC NEWS | Europe | Brawl at Romanian rugby match
  5. C

    British hooligans brawl in Marmaris

    Reported in today's Turkish daily news there was also a big fight about a month ago on Uzun Yali (long beach) outside one of the bars which involved British lads and a Turk who was selling excursions. Police were called, not sure of...
  6. merlin

    Alanya beach brawl kills four....

    Four people were killed and six injured when rival groups seeking to control the beach concessions clashed with guns and knives. At least 34 shots were fired as fighting between the two groups escalated from loud arguments to violent confrontation, witnesses said. Among those injured in the...
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