Brass monkey!!!!!

    Right venerable members its that time of year again and it would be amiss of me not to start a good old discussion on....yes ...heating. As I will be parking myself down here for the winter the fire place in our house is absolutely useless for heating the living room so I have been instructed...
  2. Jaycey

    Cleaning Brass

    Just how does one clean brass ornaments in Turkey? Haven't seen any proprietary brands here - Duraglit, Brasso etc. Any ideas please.
  3. E

    Brass Teacher In Antalya?

    We are moving out to Antalya in Sept with our two children. One of the things upsetting my daughter about the move is that she will have to give up her beloved cornet. She has lessons at school and plays in a brass band. The new school tells me that although music lessons are on the...
  4. rosewall1

    Brass cleaner in Turkey

    I have brought some horse brasses with me and need to find a cleaner here in Turkey. Brasso has run out, and visiting friend could not find any in UK. So has anyone any idea of what I can buy here in Bodrum to do the job.
  5. v6cod

    The Brass Monkeys are getting worried!!!

    Well it looks like us poor folks who are in the Uk in the North or East of the country are looking forward to a weekend where the temperatures are going to be down to 3c or 4c but with a cold wind from the artic it will feel more like -10c during the day. :frown: Even with the rain forecast...
  6. merlin

    Brass Monkey Weather on its way....

    Temperatures in Istanbul are expected to drop by eight to 10 degrees Celsius and the city will suffer from the effects of inclement weather. Sleet followed by snow is expected in the city, Istanbul Meteorology Regional Director Mustafa Yıldırım warned yesterday.
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