1. suzyq

    Laundry vehicle rolls into busy swimming pool at Turkish holiday resort after its bra

    This is the bizarre moment holidaymakers were stunned to see a laundry van roll into a busy swimming pool at a Turkish holiday resort. The white van, which was almost entirely submerged in the pool, made its way down some steps and into the pool after its brakes failed, according to witnesses...
  2. shirleyanntr

    a moulded bra

    İ'm waiting for the ice to melt in the freezer..theres enough ice there to save the ice cap...but they are not the peaks İ'm on about No...last month when i was in the Uk my daughter in law said i need a waist..and to do that i had to have a better bra. So she forced me into M&S and took me to...
  3. lorraine

    Bra Sizes?

    Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes? If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it is about time you became informed! > > > >(A} Almost Boobs... > > > >{B} Barely there. > > > >{C} Can't...
  4. C

    What type of Bra??

    Religious Tits A man walked into the ladies department of a Macy's, one of the largest department store chains. He shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said. 'I'd like to buy a bra for my wife' 'What type of bra?' asked the clerk. 'Type?' inquires the man 'There is more than...
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