1. bickern

    Schools too afraid to help white boys

    Equality of opportunity is a core principle of our democratic society. Yet all too often the achievement of this noble goal is undermined by institutional virtue signalling, self- righteous guilt-tripping and ideological posturing. As a result, instead of meeting genuine needs, many...
  2. ted j

    TNT Boys

    Came across this video by accident , 3 very young lads taking off the Bee Gees singing Too much heaven (and doing a pretty decent job too) Then found out they do loads of people including the Supremes , the 3 divas doing lady Marmalade , the 3 Tenors etc The make up and mannerisms are spot on...
  3. bickern

    Yes, boys, you CAN have sex slaves

    Outrage as British Muslim cleric at mosque where Cardiff jihadis were radicalised tells teenagers that 'captives' are permissible under Islam in vile sermon.Ali Hammuda is an Imam at a mosque where three ISIS fighters worshipped. Like ISIS propaganda, he told young boys that 'day of judgment is...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Too hot for shorts, boys skirt the issue

    Boys were not allowed to wear the school logoed PE shorts on the hottest day of the year, so they thought they would skirt round it:- Longhill High Schoolboys wore skirts after being told PE shorts were not uniform | Daily Mail Online I wasn't reading DM honest
  5. Yalides

    One for the boys Wow. Watch it all boys.
  6. beyazbayan

    A plea for the boys in Blue

    They were told as from April it will be civilians dealing with RP and all nufus matters. No didn't happen. Directives from Ankara confusing and badly thought out, yabancis getting very frustrated and only people they can talk to - police. The poor chaps are in the front line without any ammo...
  7. bickern

    Muslim beard row boys now banned from school

    Two Muslim schoolboys barred from classes because they would not shave off their beards have now been sent home from their school Muslim beard row boys now banned from school - Telegraph ------------------------------------------------ It is about time schools concentrated more on education...
  8. mollag

    For the Rude Boys

    For the sixty ish ska lovers out there , a great cover of Desmond Dekker's "Face Of Fu Manchu. Lee Thompson is the old Madness saxomaphone player :thumbup: The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra ft. Bitty McLean - Fu Manchu - YouTube
  9. K

    Boys bike *new*

    brand new boys spiderman bike includes garanti 16 inch which i beleive is suitable from 5-8 years old. Bought at a much higher price sell for 160 tl
  10. Sunny Seasider

    A bit of Christmas Pleasure Girls & Boys

    Well ahem seeing as we are now into that month, you know when we all get expectant at what Father Christmas may have in his sack for us all. Well just for a bit of cyber fun, I have got a huge cyber bunch of Misteltoe, now come on and don't be shy. Who would you like to cyberly get under your...
  11. W

    boys new arrival to Alanya

    Hi we arrived Alanya few days ago and planning to stay here few weeks, Looking for new friends and event... Kindly advice and keep in touch friends, Best regards for all :)
  12. kemerkid

    The beach Boys?

    If watching the pathetic performance of Engleburt Humperdink on last Saturday nights Eurovision was not bad enough we now have the news that the Beach Boys are currently on a world tour and are due to hit the UK at the Wembley Arena in September of this year. BBC News - Beach Boys bring reunion...
  13. shirleyanntr

    boys stoned to death in İraq

    we hav a thread running about the sick US soldier who went on a rampage and killed everybody in sight Firefox said he had to post it as nobody else had i can say that also nobody has posted this titbit from İraq which is equally sick equally horrifying where boys have been stoned because of...
  14. Sunny Seasider

    Mrs Browns' Boys

    This programme is just the tonic if you need to take yourself away for a good belly laugh. Tonight's episode was another one of those, it just so makes me laugh, we are hoping to get tickets for the shows tour this September. It is the last one in the series this Saturday, we will not miss. In...
  15. perfect1949

    a xmas video for the boys

    DM TV Showbiz .dave
  16. zuberdust

    3 Asian boys die in hit and run in Birmingham

    :( this is so sad... and horrible, parents have lost thier only child and a new expecting wife has lost her new husband.... only cos they were trying to protect thier community! read this article... BIRMINGHAM RIOTS: Tariq Jahan tells how thugs killed son Haroon and his 2 friends | Mail Online
  17. alison09400

    Mrs Brown's Boys

    Has anyone else been watching this new series on BBC1? My hubby and I sat and watched the first 2 episodes on Saturday night via iplayer. I have never laughed at anything on TV the way I laughed at that programme. The tears were trippin' me :gulme::gulme: I thought it was hilarious. The...
  18. arrian

    The Jolly Boys, Mento music

    The oldest swingers: the Jolly Boys | Music | The Observer The Jolly Boys - a Jamaican modern mento music band Jolly Boys - A Collection of Mento Videos
  19. tinkycarol

    Jersey Boys - brilliant show

    Yesterday I went to see the Jersey Boys show in London. It was brilliant and I am still on a high. It was a freebie from my Tesco points so I was up in the cheap seats (any higher and I would have had a nosebleed!). The guy playing Frankie Valli almost took the roof off when he gave it some...
  20. Summertime

    Boys aged 10 on trial for Rape

    What a bad world. Boys aged 10 and 11 go on trial for rape - Times Online
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