1. Firefox

    Tom Daley Boyfriend

    Finally Breaking silence and Outing himself British Diving Champ has left 1000s of girls broken hearted tonight by admitting he has a Boyfriend. Tom Daley Announces He Has A Boyfriend Well done Tom on coming OUT from early on and not carrying on breaking all those Teenage fans harts Like;-...
  2. T

    Visa advise for Turkish boyfriend to England

    Hi I've just joined and would like some advise, I've been with my turkish boyfriend for 3 years now and have visited him many times he would like to now visit me in England for a holiday and would like some advise on how to get a holiday visa? Thanks
  3. C

    Moving for my boyfriend and the adventure

    I met my boyfriend 5 months ago in turkey. I'm 19, living in England and he is 30 living in turkey. I know it's a large age gap but don't focus too much on that as we're used to it and get on amazingly. It has always been the plan that I would move to his city, Ankara, at some point in the...
  4. John O' Dreams

    Heartbroken boyfriend ends life by soulmate's grave

    Heartbroken boyfriend ends life by soulmate's grave - National News, Frontpage -
  5. Martyn

    Marrying my Turkish boyfriend thread

    I have moved the thread so I can edit it. I tried it in situ but people were posting faster than I can edit :lol: It will be back later.
  6. K

    Advise, ex boyfriend took money

    Re: Turkish Legal Helpdesk open :crazy: Hello, I am new to this site and would like your advise, I had a previous Turkish boyfriend who I was going to marry in 2003 we had been together since 1994, anyway when I did pack up and come here from London he left me 14 days after I transferred...
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