1. C

    Boxing Joshua Buatsi

    Just watching the boxing on tv. Not been so impressed with a boxer since Prince Naseem Hamed. Joshua Buatsi, just won with second round knockout. Early in his career, but will be interesting to see where he is in two years time.
  2. Yalides

    Boxing day hunts

    The pink jacketed pr*cks and their forelock tugging adherents will be out today pursuing their barbaric so called sport. I wish a pox on them and may many arms and legs get broken.....:angel:
  3. S

    Boxing day Mayor's invite.

    A few photographs from yesterday's Boxing Day Mayor's Noel Party in Bodrum. This year the food didn't run out and the bar was very generous. BacktoBodrum: Boxing Day in Bodrum
  4. C

    Boxing / Thai boxing / gym looking for somewhere to train

    Hi guys, I'm just getting back into training and have recently lost two stone with a view to be boxing again by Xmas. I'm getting on well with the training so far. I fly to Bodrum today where my mum has a house just outside the Bodrum marina. I will be staying in gumbet and I know there is a...
  5. B

    Great boxing champ dies.

    BBC News - US boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter dies Very sorry to hear of the death of this great fighter. Bill.
  6. A


    Congratulations. To Nathan Cleverly on yet another win . Went up to the Wembly arena to watch a great show put on by frank warren Last night,we had a great welcome in the Wembly social club ,but there is nothing else around there just a concrete jungle a great disappointment .
  7. spitfire

    The traditional boxing day dip

    Just seen this video on youtube, of the traditional boxing day dip in the sea on Altinkum beach :D One day I might be lucky enough to take part! D?D?M'DE YABANCILAR ARALIK AYINDA SOKAK HAYVANLARI ?Ç?N DEN?ZE G?RD?... - YouTube Allan
  8. B

    Great boxing result for Team GB.

    Sorry the report seems to have disappeared. It involved our boxer Anthony Ogogo, and a very close win. Bill.
  9. S

    Bodrum Christmas Party. Boxing Day 26th December

    The Mayor of Bodrum is holding a Christmas party on the 26th December. Transport is free. Pick up points are: Alins resturant cafe bar, Turgutreis, at 6pm. Kadikalesi Mosque, at 6.15pm. Please txt Irene Gallagher on 05353947379. We need to have numbers for the transort bus. Drinks & snack...
  10. Yogi

    LU Tube Drivers:Quadrupule pay for Boxing Day

    Just heard on the radio the London Underground Tube Drivers will be balloted over strike action as they want Quadrupule time for working on Boxing Day. Are they worth that amount of money or is this just a case of them taking the mickey? I don't have any more details unfortunately.
  11. E

    Boxing fans!

    No chance of being able to see the Haye vs Klitschko fight tonight on any of the Digiturk channels?
  12. arrian

    Chess boxing?

    the latest 'sport'? Learn how chess boxing works Video - Yahoo! News UK
  13. P

    Boxing day dip

    Well I was there along with a few national newspapers. We were told the council has withdrawn there funding for the neuter and release programme, I thought it was a legal obligation?. The friends of Didim charity is short of members they must have 22 and are 6 short, so if all you dog lovers...
  14. Gill

    Boxing Day special Brunch with Brenda and Musti

    I've heard that the usual Sunday brunch at Musti's is being replaced on Boxing day with an extra special Boxing Day celebration brunch, starting at 12noon going on till 4pm. Yummy!
  15. Yogi

    Boxing Day Tube Strike

    This won't affect a lot of members but be interesting to find out others views. Boxing Day Tube Strike How many other people do you know who get triple time and a day off in lieu? I think it's well out of order. Currently they should be grateful they have a job in the first place and a well...
  16. juco

    Boxing for members

    This forum is like a boxing ring at the moment, trouble is I dont know which fight to watch in case I miss the best one. Come on guys take your gripes off forum and either PM or email each other, or even better hire a boxing ring for a couple of rounds. I can understand the frustrations but...
  17. mollag

    Fantasy Boxing

    As there is a lot of heavy stuff about, how about something lighter? Easy peasy, just pick two people from history and match them in the ring, your reasoning and result should follow, a starter for den Margaret Thatcher V Arthur Scargill Not sure if they ever met but if they did i would have...
  18. John O' Dreams

    O’Kane successfully sues boxing champ

    Former world boxing champion Eamonn Loughran, who lost tens of thousands of pounds in an alleged £4m overseas holiday home scam, has been ordered to pay £7,500 in damages for punching the Northern Ireland businessman at the centre of the alleged fraud. Property tycoon Kevin O’Kane yesterday...
  19. W

    boxing training

    Anyone know where i can use a boxing bag to do some workouts near yalikavac? Thai, MMA or boxing. PM me Thank you
  20. zozatky

    Did you know Why!!! ( Boxing Day )

    The name derives from the Anglo-Saxon tradition of giving seasonal gifts in the form of a "Christmas box" to less wealthy people and slaves. Why is it called Boxing Day? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
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